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BEAUTY CLINIC: Make-up to hide a red nose

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Q How can I camouflage a red nose with make-up? I always seem to look like Rudolph in the winter and it’s really not a good look.

A You and the rest of the world, we think, especially at the moment with a host of lurgies going round. It sounds though as if your concern is general, rather than linked to a cold or flu but the advice is much the same. (Though you might need to keep a touch-up kit with you if the problem is due to a cold.)

We asked independent make up artist Armand Beasley ( for his expert advice. He says ‘one of the main things is to be aware of the texture of the skin on your nose. We tend to have a lot more oil there, and often open pores plus flakiness if you have a cold.’

He suggests starting by removing any flaky skin with a very gentle exfoliator. (A clean washcloth dipped in warm water and rubbed around will also do the trick). Follow with just a touch of rosehip oil to nourish gently without making the area greasy. We love Trilogy certified organic Rosehip Oil, £34.50 for 45 ml at, but you only need a couple of drops.

Next apply a minty-green colour corrector with a concealer brush rather than your finger as the oil content can transfer to the skin. If necessary, you can layer this to get more coverage, depending on the depth of the redness. Armand suggests NYX Professional HD Photogenic Concealer in Green, £6. We also like Clinique Redness Solutions Daily Protective Base SPF15, £21 for 40ml, which is oil free with a sheer green tint plus useful sun protection (physical not chemical) – you may not need the SPF in winter months but it could be useful later. 

Now apply a skin-coloured concealer. You’re spoilt for choice here but do make sure it’s a matt one, not light reflective (think dong with luminous nose…). Armand suggests NYX Professional Makeup Gotcha Covered Full Coverage Liquid Concealer, in ten shades, again £6, from NYX do several different options so worth a trip to try them at a counter. 

For a more expensive option, Armand recommends Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage Concealer, £27.50. It is a two-shade, mix and match palette, but a little bit of practise is all you need to get a perfect match. Apply it under your foundation or you could use it on its own. Armand suggests using a Beauty Blender sponge to apply, £16.  

Once you’ve done your eyes and lips, set your whole complexion with a mineral powder. Armand recommends Inika Mineral Foundation SPF25, £27.50. We’re also great fans of this certified organic and vegan brand: you could sample it with the Trial Kit £6, which has a small-size Primer, Liquid Foundation and two shades of Powder. 

When you apply the powder, load up a kabuki brush, tap the handle so the powder falls deeper into the bristles then buff it all over the face or just on the nose area if you prefer. 

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