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Can you guess the price of these homes overseas?

  • How many of the eight properties in our quiz can you get right?
  • Featured properties include ones in Turkey, Spain and the Maldives 
  • Values go from around £200,000 for a flat to almost £100million for a house 

As winter approaches and the cold weather sets in, most Britons begin pining for their summer holidays.

Buying a holiday home in your favourite destination could not only prove the ultimate antidote to the British winter but may also prove a sound investment.

We’ve selected a handful of overseas properties that could be the answer to your holiday home dreams – ranging from an exclusive 12-bedroom home in America’s California to a much cheaper one-bedroom flat closer to home in Spain’s Andalusia.

Our quiz includes a one-bedroom flat in Spain’s Andalusia, which comes with sea-views – but how much is it worth?

But a word of caution: If you do decide to take the plunge with an overseas purchase, you’ll need to do your research first to avoid some of the more common pitfalls.

Overseas property expert Simon Conn explains there are various factors to consider when buying a holiday home.

He said: ‘If you’re looking to rent the property while you’re not using it, make you consider the market you’re targeting. For example, do you need to be near a beach for families.’

And he added: ‘The downside of buying on the coast is that it is going to be more expensive, you could pay a third of the price a few miles inland. So it is worth taking a look at different areas.’

Our quiz includes a variety of properties include this compact apartment in Spain that comes with a fully-fitted kitchen

Our quiz includes a variety of properties include this compact apartment in Spain that comes with a fully-fitted kitchen

Buying agent Henry Pryor suggests that having a place abroad ahead of Brexit may prove a shrewd investment.

But he also adds a warning, saying: ‘Historically places at the end of a Ryanair route have proved popular and lucrative investment areas – Perugia in Italy for example and similar secondary airports in Greece and Montenegro have similar appeal but be wary that post Brexit the airline routes may shift so don’t bet the house on one carrier.

‘Remember that if you plan to rent out your property then guests demand top services but if you provide them the evidence suggests that they will pay for them. 

‘Don’t cut corners, keep some authenticity and make sure that your a accommodation is flexible – works for families with babies, house parties and increasingly importantly for silver stayers who have time and money for the best places.’

And finally he added: ‘Above all, buy something you want to use. After all, if it doesn’t let and you can’t sell it then you may end up living in it.’

We’ve selected eight properties around the world, from but can you guess the price? 

Try our quiz below and put your property-price knowledge to the test by choosing the most expensive.

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