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Dr Pimple Popper lands her own TV show

She’s undisputed queen of zit-popping who has amassed a hardcore following of hundreds of thousands of fans she calls ‘popaholics’.

Now Dr Pimple Popper, real name Dr Sandra Lee, has landed her own TV show about her grotesque but strangely satisfying pops on TLC.

During the premiere which aired last night, the California-based dermatologist, who has become a YouTube sensation, tackled a cyst the size of a football on the back of a homeless man. 

In the clip, he said: ‘I became homeless and hopeless with nobody to give a lending hand.’ 

He had a giant epidermoid cyst, a fluid-filled lump found just underneath the skin. 

The special, simply called Dr Pimple Popper, gave a fascinating behind-the-scenes look at how she treats all kinds of lumps and bumps.

In addition, TLC and Dr Lee have also created a series for Facebook Watch called ‘This Is Zit’ which will run every Friday and the first episode is already live.

The California-based dermatologist, who has become a YouTube sensation – helped a homeless man

Dr Lee breaks down her process for treating an epidermoid cyst to her patient

Dr Lee breaks down her process for treating an epidermoid cyst to her patient

The premiere of Dr Pimple Popper's new TLC show was aired last night much to fans' delight

The premiere of Dr Pimple Popper’s new TLC show was aired last night much to fans’ delight

Dr Lee posted a short video describing the new series in which she says:  ‘It [has] behind-the-scenes footage of what I do in my office, how I go about doing it, more explanation about the types of things that I pop out, a lot of my favorite videos, a lot of my top pops — they are there just for you.’ 

Dr. Pimple Popper Tackles an Epidermoid Cyst

In the premiere of #ThisisZit, Dr. Sandra Lee breaks down her process for excising an epidermoid cyst, and reveals what is REALLY going on beneath the surface. Follow Dr. Pimple Popper: This is Zit to stay up to date on the latest and greatest pops! Can’t get enough of what you see? Watch Dr. Pimple Popper help patients in need on your television January 3rd at 10/9c on TLC.

Posted by Dr. Pimple Popper: This is Zit on Friday, 22 December 2017

Dr Pimple Poppers’ top 10 videos

1. The bowling ball 

Dr Lee was given her biggest challenge yet – a jaw-dropping 400g fatty lump the size of a bowling ball.

Her clip showed her removing the bulge from the back of a man’s neck, which she describes as ‘a bear of a lipoma’.

She hoped it would come out easily – but the monster growth didn’t want to budge. Eventually she is forced to put down her surgical tools and yank the fatty cells out with her bare hands.

2. The 50-year-old cyst

The unnamed patient had an epidermoid cyst since he was five years old – a ump that resembled a baby’s face, noted Dr Lee.

As she sliced it open, thick grey ‘cheesy’ smelling fluid came spilling out in the video that has had more than two million hits on her popular YouTube channel.

3. The unicorn cyst on man’s head  

The pimple slayer tackled a massive cyst in the center of a man’s forehead that mirrored a bump-like unicorn horn.

Using her tools, it took Dr Lee around 20 minutes to expunge the cyst of all its liquid and sew the man’s forehead back up to look more normal.

4. Golf-ball pillar cyst

As the doctor made two incisions across the cyst, the unnamed male patient felt a ‘sharpness’.

He was suffering from a pilar cyst, which grow on the scalp and run in families, according to Dr Lee.

5. Huge cysts under man’s eyebrow    

The patient was suffering from a common cyst, known as an epidermoid cyst, which is made up of wet skin cells, giving it a ‘cheesy’ appearance. This is often accompanied by a pungent aroma.  

The expert dusts off her scalpel and makes an incision into the skin, before cutting away the ‘sack’ holding the pus inside the cyst.

6. What a bum! 

In a video meant only for those with the strongest stomachs, the dermatologist took viewers behind the scenes as she cuts, drains and sews up a quarter-sized cyst on her patient’s backside.

7. Melon-sized ball of fat 

The unnamed woman visited the dermatologist in an attempt to get to the bottom of her enormous lump.

Dr Lee began the procedure by cutting open her skin with her surgical tools, revealing the orange-coloured growth.

After pulling both openings of the skin away from each other, the growth can be witnessed in its full glory. 

8. Baby-sized lump of fat on man’s back 

This is the revolting moment a man has an enormous lump of fat pulled out of his back.

The gruesome footage shows Dr Pimple Popper having to aggressively tug at the ‘baby-sized’ tumour from the patient’s back.

9. Egg-sized cyst on woman’s head

Round, wobbling and grey, this is the moment the doctor cuts the ‘big momma’ of cysts out of the back of a woman’s head.

The unnamed woman has already had two cysts removed by the dermatologist, and came back to have the biggest removed from her scalp.

The boiled-egg-sized lump was so big she was forced to wear a hat to hide it.

10. Eyeball-like cyst  

Round, white and uncannily like an eyeball, this is the revolting moment Dr Pimple Popper drags a marble-sized cyst out of a man’s back.

The unidentified football player ended up lying in the Californian dermatologist’s chair because he has a grape-sized bump on his torso.

As Dr Pimple Popper cut into it, a perfectly round white ball popped out of the surface.


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