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Emma Dent Coad posts sick sketch of a man hanging

A Labour MP who triggered a race row also published a picture of a stick man hanging from the tree in the Conservative logo, it emerged last night.

Emma Dent Coad reportedly posted the image on her blog in 2010, explaining she was setting up a Facebook group to find a ‘new Tory logo’.

One Tory MP, Kemi Badenoch, suggested that the figure looked like a black person being hanged and criticised the drawing as not ‘becoming of an MP’. 

It came after Miss Dent Coad was condemned this week for calling a Tory candidate a ‘token ghetto boy’.

Labour MP Emma Dent Coad (pictured) reportedly posted a picture of a stick man hanging from the tree in the Conservative logo on her blog in 2010

Mrs Badenoch and fellow Tory James Cleverly wrote to Jeremy Corbyn demanding he take action following her comments about Shaun Bailey, a former adviser to David Cameron.

Miss Dent Coad also referred to him as a ‘scumbag’ and a ‘low life’ on a blog in 2010. In a letter to the Labour leader, the Tory MPs said: ‘Your failure to condemn her comments is both disappointing and concerning. Your silence is disappointing because it gives the impression that you are comfortable with the comments she made.

‘It is concerning because it reinforces our belief that there are too many people in the Labour Party who see Conservatives from BAME [black, Asian and minority ethnic] backgrounds as ‘traitors’ and legitimate targets for abuse.’

They also asked Mr Corbyn why she had been selected as a candidate given that the posts were publicly accessible on her blog. Demanding ‘urgent’ action, they asked whether the matter would be investigated and whether she would be suspended.

Despite their strong words, there was no comment from the Labour Party or Miss Dent Coad’s office last night, though Mr Corbyn’s office issued a statement. But she has not been suspended.

In the letter, which was sent yesterday morning, the MPs also highlighted ‘inaccurate and insulting’ comments made by Labour MP Clive Lewis. Mr Lewis tweeted on Monday night: ‘If you think you can fight racism and be in the Tory Party then I guess this conversation isn’t going to go very far.’

Tory MP, Kemi Badenoch, said the figure (pictured) looked like a black person being hanged

Tory MP, Kemi Badenoch, said the figure (pictured) looked like a black person being hanged

Mr Bailey has already called for Mr Corbyn to suspend Miss Dent Coad, saying her comments were ‘racist and hate-filled’. 

He said: ‘During my time in politics I have dealt with prejudice and attacks from hard-line groups, including the BNP, but not once have I been labelled a ‘token ghetto boy’.’

In blog posts, Miss Dent Coad referred to Mr Bailey as a ‘low life’ and a ‘freeloading scumbag’ while he was contesting the Hammersmith constituency for the Tories in 2010. She wrote: ‘One day he is the ‘token ghetto boy’ standing behind David Cameron, the next ‘looking interested’ beside George Osborne. Ever felt used?’

Miss Dent Coad, who became the first Labour MP for Kensington at the general election in June, added: ‘Who can say where this man will ever fit in, however hard he tries?’

Yesterday, she told the BBC: ‘If [Mr Bailey] is offended, I apologise.’

Mr Corbyn’s spokesman said: ‘Jeremy is opposed to all offensive language and believes we should treat each other with respect.’


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