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Erotic dancer reveals how clubs fine them for not taking off their G-string quickly enough

A former stripper has claimed a club she worked for allegedly fined dancers for being drunk and for not taking off their underwear quicker. 

Jessica Clifford alleges she was unfairly sacked from Calender Girls for missing work and is seeking compensation from the New Zealand club.

Documents included in a claim filed to the Employment Relations Authority by an advocacy group on her behalf alleges the 22-year-old was underpaid and not given a fair share of tips.  

Jessica Clifford, 22, alleges in a claim for compensation she was unfairly sacked from Calendar Girls in Christchurch New Zealand (stock image) 

According to Stuff, Calendar Girls strongly denies these claims.

Their lawyer sent a letter to the publication stating that a number of Ms Clifford’s allegations were ‘strongly denied and wildly out of context’, but otherwise declined to comment while the matter was before the ERA.

Ms Clifford claims she received a document outlining rules and fines after working at the club for two months.  

It allegedly outlined that dancers must work Fridays and Saturdays unless they worked a five-day week.    

Fines of $100 were allegedly handed out if dancers who didn’t take their G-string off by the second song, the document, seen by Stuff, claimed.

Dancers were also allegedly fined $2,500 if they danced for a competitor.

Whilst drinking on the job was allegedly allowed there was reportedly a $500 fine for intoxication.

Calendar Girls strongly denies claims that Ms Clifford was unfairly dismissed and underpaid

Calendar Girls strongly denies claims that Ms Clifford was unfairly dismissed and underpaid

Ms Clifford told the publication: ‘When you’re in a situation where you feel this is all you have, you will do anything to make sure you don’t jeopardise that’. 

Bella Cotton, Events Manager at Calendar Girls, told Daily Mail Australia: ‘Calendar Girls was voted in the top 20 strip clubs in Australia by readers of A men’s magazine, this is wasn’t just for how we look after our customers! 

‘We provide girls the highest cut and the best working environment in the country, ask any of the many Aussie girls that cross the ditch.’

Ms Clifford’s claims are currently in front of the Employment Relations Authority for determination.  


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