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EU-Western Balkan Summit LIVE: | Daily Mail Online

Prime Minister Theresa May has flown to Bulgaria this morning to meet EU leaders to discuss Europe’s worsening relations with Donald Trump, the Iran nuclear crisis and possible further expansion of the EU into the Balkans. 

Mrs May met with French president Emmanuel Macron  and German chancellor Angela Merkel shortly after landing in Sofia. 

Mrs May said: ‘The aim overall is more stability, security and prosperity for the Western Balkans.’ 

The PM was forced to deny claims that she was considering remaining in the customs union following Brexiteer outrage. 

She said: ‘No we are not (climbing down). The United Kingdom will be leaving the customs union, we are leaving the European Union.

‘Of course we will be negotiating future customs arrangements with the European Union and I have set three objectives, the Government has three objectives in those.

‘We need to be able to have our own independent trade policy, we want as friction-less a border between the UK and the EU so that trade can continue and we want to ensure there is no hard border between Northern Ireland and Ireland.’ 

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