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Fish eats a muskrat in White Bear Lake, Minnesota

  • Two  teenagers captured a unidentified fish eating a muskrat in Minnesota
  •  The fish can be seen sinking its teeth into the rodent and swimming away
  • The shocked teenage boys try to grab a net to capture the unusual fish 

This the startling moment a mysterious lake fish eats a muskrat in clear waters.

The footage was captured by two teenage boys in Minnesota, on White Bear Lake.

The shocked boys, scream in disbelief as they watch the fish glide its way through the water to attack its prey and sink its teeth in.

One boy can be heard saying: ‘It’s huge, it’s so f***ing huge. I don’t  even know what it is. This giant freaking musky something is eating a freaking muskrat right now!’

 Uploaded to to Youtube by a user called Viral Hog, commentators try and work out what the species the lake fish is.

Captured: The first bite the fish took of the helpless muskrat

 One user called Agent Wolf said ‘it could be a gator fish’, while another user, Mr Teez speculates that is was a rat that was clamped between the fishes jaws. 

Excited, the boys try and grab a net to supposedly capture the animal in the 26 video clip. 

Gotcha: teeth sunk in, the unidentified fish takes a mouthful of it's new prey

Gotcha: teeth sunk in, the unidentified fish takes a mouthful of it’s new prey


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