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Kleptomaniac woman, 42, shoplifts and then defecates

  • A self-proclaimed kleptomaniac shoplifts and then defecates before leaving
  • The 42-year-old woman is remorseful and is working to change her behaviour
  • Her lawyer said that she has a metal illness and has ‘fallen through the cracks’
  • The woman pleaded guilty to multiple counts of larceny and damaging property

A 42-year-old womanwas caught on CCTV robbing and then defecating on the floor of a Best And Less in Mittagong

A self-proclaimed kleptomaniac has put a new, unpleasant twist on shoplifting.

The 42-year-old woman, who has stolen from Best And Less Mittagong and Shop Pharmacy in Campbelltown Mall, leaves her mark by stealing merchandise and then defecating in the store.

Experts believe the woman experiences such a ‘rush of adrenaline from shoplifting that she loses control of her bowels’.

The Daily Telegraph reported that local authorities are unsure how to simultaneously treat the woman’s mental health condition and keep the community safe.

According a police fact sheet, the woman ‘looked around before shaking her buttocks…[and] defecated on the floor’ at the Best and Less.

She also went into the ‘squat position’ in  the Shop Pharmacy and caused the establishment to be closed down for an hour.

The woman’s lawyer Ben Archbold that said the woman felt remorse for her action and wanted to improve her behaviour.

‘My client has a mental illness and has quite clearly fallen through the cracks of the mental health support available in the community,’ Mr Archbold said.

‘She would be assisted if you just left her alone.’

The woman pleads guilty to multiple counts of larceny and destroy or damaging property

The woman pleads guilty to multiple counts of larceny and destroy or damaging property

The woman has pleaded guilty to four incidents, including multiple counts of larceny and destroy or damaging property, at the Moss Vale Court.

She is also the subject of an ongoing investigation into a break in at a display home.

Police theorise that she did so because there was a functioning bathroom inside, but they cannot be sure because ‘you can’t unflush a toilet’.

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