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Man in rollerblades flawlessly skates down steep steps

  • The showboater glides down the steep steps and weaves in between two men 
  • After performing trick he reaches bottom and gives camera an OK hand gesture
  • Video, believed to be from somewhere in America, has over 8 million views 

This is the unbelievable moment a man flawlessly skates down a set of steps on rollerblades while holding a boombox.

He nonchalantly glides down the stairs and weaves between two men before turning his head and apologising for getting in their way.

After making the trick look effortless he gets to the bottom and gives the camera an OK hand gesture.  

They see my rollin’: The man makes it look easy as he weaves between two men while performing the tricky stunt

As the clip starts the man, who is sporting a hoodie and holding a boombox in one hand, is already skating down the steps one foot after another. 

He glides past two men who watch on in disbelief, but he turns to apologise to one man for getting too close.  

Even with his head turned backwards he doesn’t break rhythm and continues to perform the trick with ease. 

Sorry about that! The man apologises for getting too close

Roll on! He continues down the stairs after weaving past the men

He even apologises for getting a little too close to the men. He manages to skate down the steep stairs with his head turned as he does it

Easy peasy! He gives the camera a cheeky OK gesture after making the whole trick look effortless

Easy peasy! He gives the camera a cheeky OK gesture after making the whole trick look effortless

As he reaches the end of the steps he glides along the concrete before giving an OK hand gesture to the camera.

The footage is believed to have been shot somewhere in America and was uploaded to Twitter.

The video, which has gained massive popularity over social media, has over 8million views.


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