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Mother’s fury after her 10-year-old son is ‘beaten up’

Pictured: Marie Wheatley and son Freddy 

A mother has been left furious after her 10-year-old son was ‘beaten up by a fellow pupil at lunchtime’ – but she didn’t find out until he returned home battered and bruised.   

Marie Wheatley said she marched down to the school to demand answers after Freddy arrived back on Thursday afternoon with bruises all over his face.

The worried parent, from Tonbridge, Kent, claimed Freddy was punched and kicked over his lunch period at Cage Green School in Tonbridge, Kent.

She claims her child has been left so traumatised he doesn’t want to return to school and she is considering moving him elsewhere. 

The headteacher said the matter was being dealt with.  

Ms Wheatley said: ‘I came home last week to find my son had been beaten up by another pupil and his face was quite shocking.

‘The other pupil punched my son twice in the stomach and punched him in the face.

‘I am angry with the school for not even calling me when it happened. He was attacked at lunch time and I didn’t find out until he got home from school.

‘I was so shocked by the bruises, he was quite severely hurt.

‘He struggled to sleep that night because he was so upset and now he’s scared to go back to school because of all this.’

Traumatised: Ms Wheatley was furious after her 10-year-old Freddy returned home from school, covered in bruises (left and right). She said he now wants to change schools 

She said: ‘He said he wants to go to a different school now.’

Ms Wheatley has been critical of how the school handled the incident and slammed the head teacher for doing ‘nothing’ about it. 

Graeme Garthwaite, head teacher at Cage Green Primary School denied the claim ‘nothing had been done’.

He said: ‘This was a one-off incident and the necessary action has been taken.

‘The behavioural policies of the school have been followed and the matter has been dealt with effectively and as a result the child is safe in school and parents have been reassured.

‘We take all allegations of bullying seriously and have policies in place to deal with such situations should they occur.’

The school’s most recent Ofsted report, carried out in December, said the establishment ‘needs improvement’.   



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