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Motorcyclist kicks and punches a man in ‘road rage’ attack

  • Dashcam footage has captured an apparent ‘road rage attack’ near Hurstville
  • A motorcyclist can be seen kicking and punching a man lying on the ground 
  • Two witnesses broke up the altercation and the police have been informed

A well-placed witness has filmed the moment a motorcyclist began punching and kicking a man on the ground in Hurstville on Friday evening.

Bystanders told 7NEWS that an elderly man was crossing the road when an argument started with a motorbike rider who was stopped a red light at 6pm.

Footage reveals that he pushed the man to the ground, kicked him and then knelt down and punched him at least three times before witnesses were able to intervene.


A motorcyclist has been caught on camera kicking and punching a man lying on the ground

Traffic on the road came to a standstill until two witnesses ran over to the man on the ground and broke up the argument

It is unknown what sparked the physical altercation. NSW police have ‘no comment at this time’, although 9NEWS reported that they have been informed of the incident.


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