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Rihanna is forced to shield her bosom as she SPILLS out of gown at Ocean’s 8 London premiere

She’s known constantly being the star attraction on many a red carpet, thanks to her penchant for fearlessly making risque sartorial choices.

But Rihanna appeared to shock even herself on Wednesday night, when she suffered a potentially disastrous wardrobe malfunction on the red carpet at the London premiere of her new star-studded movie Ocean’s 8.

As the 30-year-old Bajan beauty posed before hordes of photographers camped outside the English capital’s Cineworld, Leicester Square, she was forced to hold up one side of her shimmering metallic gown as her bounteous bosom spilled out.

Oops! Rihanna endured a wardrobe malfunction as she arrived at the London premiere of Ocean’s 8, held at London’s Cineworld, Leicester Square on Wednesday night

Maintaining an unwavering show-must-go-on smile as she sauntered her way along the expansive red carpet, the Rude Boy singer kept a hand firmly perched over her right breast while continuing to pose up a storm.

And while she attracted attention for what could have been a disastrous trip down the red carpet, Rihanna still proved to be the star of the show thanks to her show-stopping gown of choice.

Making her entrance later than the rest of her co-stars, the star’s dress featured a low, plunging neckline, teasing her bust.

The crumpled, metallic look, fell off the songstress’ curves as she strode into the West End venue, happily blowing kisses to the fans watching on.

She teamed the look with strappy matching heels and a clutch bag that perfectly complemented the colour and texture of her dramatic dress.

Diamons singer Rihanna displayed her shapely legs and toned arms as she walked into the multiplex, while her raven tresses were styled in a sleek topknot.

She added a pop of bright red lipstick to her pout, which matched her manicure, and swept dark mascara across her lengthy lashes.

Rihanna teamed the gold dress with matching ringed earrings, which rounded out her ensemble and solidified her status as the night’s golden girl.

At the event, she joined her A-list co-stars Sandra Bullock, Helena Bonham Carter, Cate Blanchett, Sarah Paulson and Mindy Kalling. The film also stars Anne Hathaway and rapper and actress Awkwafina, both of whom were not present.

Ocean’s 8’s all-star female line-up sees Debbie (Sandra) – the estranged sister of Danny Ocean – attempt to pull of a $150 million heist at the Met Gala.

Sarah Paulson plays Tammy, a suburban mother and Debbie’s former partner-in-crime, while Mindy is along for the ride as Amita, a jewellery maker. Meanwhile, Rihanna potrays Nine Ball, a tech genius.

Helena appears as Rose Weil, a fashion designer, in the summer blockbuster. On the other side is Anne Hathaway playing Daphne Kluger, a celebrity and the target of the heist, whose assistant is James Corden (as John Frazier).

It will also see cameos from Anna Wintour, Zayn Malik, Katie Homes, Serena Williams, Kim Kardashian, Kendall Jenner, and Kylie Jenner.






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