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Senate passes gay-marriage bill with 43 votes to 12

* Protect civil celebrants who refuse to marry same-sex couples (Attorney-General George Brandis and cabinet minister Matt Canavan, Liberal Democrats’ David Leyonhjelm, One Nation, conservative Liberals James Paterson and David Fawcett)

* Protect religious freedoms (Brandis and Canavan)

* Protect ‘relevant beliefs’ around marriage (Paterson and Fawcett)

* Create two definitions of marriage – one as between a man and a woman and the other as between two people (Paterson and Fawcett)

* Prevent governments and agencies from taking action against people with a traditional view of marriage (Paterson and Fawcett)

* Allow parents to remove their children from classes if they believe material taught is inconsistent with their views on marriage (Paterson and Fawcett)

* Allow chaplains and authorised officers in the defence force to refuse to marry same-sex couples (Paterson and Fawcett)

* Ensure charities’ tax and government funding status would not be affected if they opposed same-sex marriage (Paterson and Fawcett)

* Ensure state and territory officers have to solemnise all marriages (Leyonhjelm)

* Protect businesses which want to refuse services to same-sex marriages (Leyonhjelm)

* Ensuring state and territory anti-discrimination laws aren’t limited (Greens)

* Stop civil celebrants from refusing to marry same-sex couples (Greens)


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