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Sirens warn of incoming rocket fire in Israeli-controlled Golan Heights

  • Sirens warning of incoming rocket fire sounded in Golan Heights on Thursday 
  • Residents went scrambling for bomb shelters as the iron dome was activated
  • Comes after multiple missiles were fired at the region from Syria last week
  • Hezbollah leader claimed 55 missiles were fired, while Israel said it shot 20 down

Sirens warning of incoming rocket fire sounded on Thursday in Israeli communities on the Golan Heights, near the frontier with Syria, Israeli’s military said on Thursday.

There were no immediate reports of rockets falling inside Israeli-controlled territories.

It comes after Hezbollah’s leader said 55 missiles were fired from Syrian territory at the Golan Heights last week.

Sirens warning of incoming missiles sounded in several villages in the Golan Heights on Thursday, sending residents scrambling for bomb shelters (file)

Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, leader of the Lebanese group, said the attack marked a ‘new phase’ in the war in Syria.  

Nasrallah said the rocket attack showed Syria and its allies are ready to go to ‘the greatest extent’ to defend Syria from Israel. 

Israel had said 20 missiles were shot down by its Iron Dome defence system in the attack on Thursday. 



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