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Terrifying moment man attacks woman in a rage in a car park before speeding off

Terrifying moment man attacks woman in a domestic violent dispute in a shopping centre car park before speeding off and almost hitting elderly shoppers

  • A disturbing violent domestic dispute was filmed in a shopping centre car park
  • The erratic male driver is seen pushing woman multiple times as he screams 
  • Onlookers, including elderly shoppers, are seen to be in shock at the incident
  • Man eventually speeds off in his vehicle, nearly hitting pedestrians in his way 

This is the disturbing moment a man and woman fought in a shopping centre car park surrounded by scared on-lookers.

The altercation was captured on video by YouTuber Gordie Gecko at a The Triple C Mall car park in Logan, south east Queensland, just after 11am on Tuesday. 

The young pair were seen screaming, hitting and pushing each other in a heated argument that violently escalated after the woman didn’t want to get into the vehicle with him.

‘They were fighting over her not wanting to leave with him or get in his car,’ Gordie Gecko, the bystander who filmed the incident, told Daily Mail Australia.  

The onlooker claimed he saw the man perform burnouts in the car park before trying to hit the woman with the car. 

The footage starts with the man and woman screaming at each other over the top of a white sedan. 

The woman is seen yelling and kicking the car as the erratic driver repeatedly enters and exits the vehicle. 

He violently pushes and screams profanities at her as onlookers can be heard telling him to back off.

The woman then kicks the car, sending the man onto another rampage.

The two circle the vehicle as their fight escalates. 

Elderly people are seen trying to avoid the scene as they walk grocery bags to their cars. 

Finally, the driver hops back into the car.

The car maneuvers around the pillars and comes dangerously close to shoppers who are merely returning to their cars. 

The white vehicle is seen speeding out of the car park as the woman is left behind, allegedly scrambling to call her mother. 

The incident has not been reported to Logan police.

The pair are seen in a violent altercation at The Triple C Mall car park in Logan, south east Australia on Tuesday morning (pictured)




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