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The best sex position for your body type revealed

Women with poor body image don’t initiate sex as often, are more self-conscious and have less orgasms.

Body-consciousness doesn’t just make for some pretty awkward sex or boring ‘lights out’ sex, it interferes with our ability to orgasm.

Most women need to concentrate to orgasm and lose themselves in the moment and that’s hard to do when you’re feeling paranoid about a particular body part.

But it is possible to swap pre-occupied, unsatisfying sex for adventurous, happy sex, by choosing a sex move that flatters your body type.


Relationship expert Tracey Cox reveals the best sex positions for your body type revealing that pear-shaped women should try spooning during intercourse 

Here’s how:


Big shoulders, toned and athletic ‘straight up and down’ shape

Wear: Create curves by wearing a sexy push-up bra or a tight, nipple-revealing sexy vest top. If you’re brave enough, you’ve got the figure to carry off a PVC or leather catsuit with a push-up bra underneath.

Flattering position for intercourse: Boyish women are generally fit and strong so show off by choosing challenging positions that require strength.

Face-to-face standing positions are perfect. Try ‘the monkey’: He leans against a wall and lifts you up by taking a firm grip of your bottom. You wind your arms around his neck, grip his thighs with yours and put your feet against the wall to give leverage and help him thrust.

Or try a ‘handstand’: he’s standing, you’re in a handstand position with your legs wrapped around his waist.

Best position for oral sex:

You’re giving it to him: Continue with the challenging theme and go primal. He lies on his back on the bed and you spread his arms and legs. You then straddle him, facing his feet. Use your feet to pin down his wrists and put your hands on his thighs, for support and to play dominatrix (especially if you’ve gone for the catsuit!).

Tracey says that finding your most flattering position can help you relax and enjoy sex more

Tracey says that finding your most flattering position can help you relax and enjoy sex more

You’ll only have your tongue free but he’ll be so turned on, it’ll be all your need.

He’s giving it to you: He lies on his back, you climb on board and straddle his face, facing in either direction (depending on whether he’s a breast or bottom man). Put a pillow under his neck and use those strong thigh muscles to lift or lower to position yourself just so.


Smaller upper body, wide, sexy hips

Wear: A push up bra and boy short style or silky, loose shorts. Pear-shaped woman often have to-die-for flat tummies and long torso and this combo showcases that perfectly.

Flattering position for intercourse: ‘Spoon’ positions work well for this body type. You lie on your side, he lies on his side behind you and penetrates. His hands are free to stimulate your clitoris and he gets a great view of your breasts in the push-up bra. Try lifting one thigh and putting it over his hip for an alternative angle and feel.

‘Scissor style’ also works well. Lie on the bed, feet touching and heads facing in opposite directions, then move towards each other so your genitals touch with legs scissored, one leg underneath. It’s an unusual position but remarkably effective for clitoral stimulation and the angle’s flattering on the your body type.

Best position for oral:

You’re giving it to him: He stands, legs spread and with a wall behind him to lean against for support. You kneel on some pillows before him. It’s the classic porn pose so he’ll have masturbated to it many times; add a further twist by keeping your clothes on, while he’s completely naked.

He’s giving it to you: Because you probably don’t suffer from the usual ‘I hate my wobbly stomach’ woes, sit on the kitchen bench (though best wipe it down first – and after!) and slide forward so you’re sitting right on the edge. He kneels (on cushions) in front of you while you rest your feet on his shoulders.

It is suggested that hour glass women should opt for going on top so that he is able to lift you up and down at the waist

It is suggested that hour glass women should opt for going on top so that he is able to lift you up and down at the waist


Classic Monroe: small waist, generous sized breasts and hips

Wear: A corset. They were invented to make other bodies appear like yours. Wear one and you’ll look even more spectacular. Your small waist will look even more pronounced: team it with stockings and suspenders and he’ll think Christmas has come early (and he will too, by the way).

Best position for intercourse: Any position where he’s lifting you from the waist will make you feel and look even sexier. He lies back, you jump on top and he lifts you up and down by the waist.

Or try reverse cowgirl: he lies flat, you face his feet and jump on top while he admires your 36-24-36 silhouette from behind.

Best position for oral sex:

You’re giving it to him: If you really want to make his day and capitalize on your feminine shape, lay it all out in front of him for him to see while you fellate him.

Do this by lying back on the bed with your head hanging over the edge, ready to take him in your mouth. This looks more complicated than it is (promise!).

He’s giving it to you: Make your tiny waist look even tinier by bending over the sofa, face down, standing with your legs spread. He kneels on pillows in front of you, you lift your bottom high and he licks from behind.


Big, bouncy breasts and broad shoulders, small hips and bottom

Wear: You’ve not only got great breasts but probably nice slim legs as well. Go topless and pull on some fishnet stockings and suspenders; finish with high heels.

Flattering position for intercourse: ‘Cowgirl’ has those breasts bouncing merrily away: he lies flat and you jump on top. Or try a ‘lap-dance’ position. He sits on a chair with no arms, you straddle him, feet touching the floor and move up and down. He helps by holding you by the waist or caresses the breasts that are – literally – right under his nose.

Best position for oral sex: You’re giving it to him: Start off the oral sex session with some ‘Spanish style’ stimulation: put some lickable lube in your cleavage, hold your breasts together and let him slide his penis in and out. (Why this technique earned the ‘Spanish-style’ name is anyone’s guess!) From there, drop to your knees and start oral stimulation.

He’s giving it to you: He kneels in front of you while you lie back on the bed and lifts your legs so your ankles rest on his shoulders. You’re easy to hold up and your breasts splay attractively.


A short torso means you carry any weight on your tummy but lovely long limbs make up for it

Wear: A well-cut A-line long camisole that skims over your stomach but stops high on the thigh hides any tummy you might be vulnerable about but showcases long legs. Or literally steal the shirt off his back, leaving one button done up. Far sexier than insisting he turns off the lights and leaving your T-shirt on.

Best sex move: Rear-entry positions are the most flattering. Kneel facing away from him, lean down to rest your weight on your forearms and push your bottom tantalizingly high in the air in his direction. Not only does it give him a visual treat, the angle and position makes your waist look tiny and your thighs slim and taut.

If you do opt for missionary, make your midriff look sexier by stretching your arms up over your head and grabbing onto the bedposts or by placing them flat on the wall behind the bed. It not only flattens your tummy, it makes breasts appear perkier.

Best position for oral sex:

You’re giving it to him: Get him to sit in the middle of the bed with his legs bent. Your head is between his legs and your bottom’s up in the air. Place a mirror behind you and he has a full view of your naked, arch your back to make yourself look even sexier.

He’s giving it to you: Try ‘the leg up’. You lie back on the bed, leaving one leg dangling over the edge and lifting the other up to your chest, holding it in place. He kneels on pillows in front of you. Your thighs look great, the lifted leg hides any wobbly bits on your stomach.

Women are usually more sensitive one side of the clitoris than the other, so choose which leg you’ll hold up accordingly!

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