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Three thieves cause $2,000 worth of damage to a restaurant and steal servers’ tips

Thieves broke into a restaurant in Texas, crawled across an empty floor and stole $450 that belonged to servers. 

Bizarre footage shows the perps breaking into Piggy’s Kitchen and Bar in Houston overnight, crawling on the floor and trying to avoid cameras.

After smashing the front window, the suspects, who are dressed in matching outfits,make their way to the back of the restaurant in search of items to steal. 

The suspects, who appear to be dressed in matching clothes, are seen to be making their way into the restaurant 

Footage shows them crawling across the floor earning them the nicknames 'inchworm bandits'

Footage shows them crawling across the floor earning them the nicknames ‘inchworm bandits’

Manager Christopher Grinnell told Click2Houston: ‘The staff has taken to calling them the inchworm bandits.

‘They’re inch-worming their way across my dining room floor, all the way to the kitchen.  

Grinnell said they finally decided to stand up once they made it to the back of the kitchen. 

‘It looks like they kicked the steel door open. I have no idea how they had that much strength. You can see when they’re kicking it, it is rattling the entire room’. 

After finally getting inside, the three managed to steal $450 that servers had made during shifts worked on Friday and Saturday night. 

Head chef Kelsey Alkire said staff were upset about the theft as the money belonged to them.

The perps are seen crawling across the floor and behind the bar to look for restaurant takings

Staff at Piggy's Kitchen and Bar are upset because the servers' tips from the weekend were taken

Staff at Piggy’s Kitchen and Bar are upset because the servers’ tips from the weekend were taken

She said: ‘That’s ‘going to the store and buying groceries’ money, you know.

‘That’s finding the perfect little gift for your friend’ money, and it’s just not fair’.

Managers said the suspects caused about $2,000 worth of damage and it is the third time the restaurant has been broken into. 

Managers said the last time, crooks used a sledgehammer and a crowbar and walked out with about five bottles of Patron tequila.

Police are investigating whether the thieves are the same people caught on camera carrying out a similar crime at a Mister Gattis Pizza off Uvalde Road last week.



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