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Victoria line commuters face chaos in Tube rush hour

  • Angry commuters using the Victoria and Northern lines complained on Twitter
  • Hundreds of passengers were left standing outside stations in south London
  • Some photographs showed long lines of commuters outside Brixton station
  • Transport for London said a broken down train at Victoria caused ‘minor delays’ 

Thousands of commuters in south London faced long waits outside several tube stations as a result of a broken down train. 

Angry travellers took to social media to express their anger having been made to stand outside stations such as Brixton and Stockwell. 

Delays on the Victoria Line were mirrored by severe overcrowding around Clapham South and Clapham Common on the Northern Line. 

Hundreds of passengers queued up outside Brixton Underground station this morning following congestion at the station which left people fearing they would be late for work

TfL confirmed minor delays were caused by a defective train at Victoria, file photo

TfL confirmed minor delays were caused by a defective train at Victoria, file photo

Several photographs posted online showed hundreds of commuters queuing outside Brixton tube station. 

One twitter user wrote: ‘God the tube is pure evil this morning. Not seen it this busy for a long time.’ 

A second person claimed: ‘What is going on at Brixton Underground station now. Heavy human traffic!’ 

Others suggested the situation was gridlock with one desperate commuter in Stockwell wrote: ‘Boss, I’ll be late for work.’ 

According to the Victoria Line’s twitter feed, the service was operating with minor delays as a result of a faulty train in Victoria station. 

The Northern Line, which also had congestion, said they were running a good service all morning. 

Another commuter said: ‘Clapham South this morning resembling the Moscow McDonalds in 1990.’

Transport for London said a defective train at Victoria caused delays at Brixton and Stockwell on the Victoria Line.  


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