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Woman shares shocking footage of young girl shouting abuse at her family and yelling ‘f****** sl*g’

Woman shares shocking footage of young girl shouting abuse at her family and yelling ‘f****** sl*g’ while other children kick her garden gate and claims police ‘can’t do anything because they are small kids’

  • Young girl swings on gate and shouts at person videoing calling them a ‘sl*g’
  • Shocking clip was shared on social media and recorded in Halton Moor, Leeds
  • Other children join her at the locked gate and smash their scooters against it 

This is the shocking moment a young child calls a woman a ”f****** sl*g’ and threatens to ‘get in’ to her house while swinging from a garden gate. 

In the video, filmed in the Halton Moor area of Leeds, half a dozen children are seen playing in the street on bikes and scooters as one little girl walks towards the camera.

The girl, who is wearing pink trainers, poses and says ‘take a picture’ before dropping her hands to the floor and starting to shout abuse.

While messing around on the floor the little girl can be heard saying ‘meeeh f****** b*****d’ and ‘meeeh Polish boy’ as she looks up. 

The girl puts her hands on the pavement as she starts to shout

The young girl walks up to the camera (left) and drops to the floor (right) as she shouts ‘f****** b*****d’ and ‘Polish boy’ outside the home in the Halton Moor area of Leeds

As she is talking the person behind the camera holds onto a lock on the metal gate and the camera goes black as they walk back towards the house.

After a few seconds the little girl is seen again, clinging to the gate and shouting.

She says: ‘You’ll get f****** hit, you’re f****** recording me and he’s recording me as well but I don’t f****** care. Do you understand? I don’t, I don’t.’

The young girl, whose age is not known, then continues shouting as five other children stand around her on the residential street. 

She turns and wipes her face before leaning back to the gate and saying ‘you f****** sl*g.’

At least half a dozen other children are seen hanging around in the street

The young girl climbs onto the metal gate and says she can 'get in'

Other children join her by the garden gate (left) and she climbs onto it after calling the person filming a ‘sl*g’ multiple times

She grabs hold of the bars and starts to point at the house saying ‘I can get in. I can f****** get in.’

Two other boys, one with a scooter, then join her at the gate and start to shake it and kick at the bottom.

The girl shouts: ‘You keep on f****** videoing me you f****** sl*g.’

Another person, although it is not clear who, can be heard shouting back at her as she continues to scream at the house and people recording.

A young boy then throws a crushed plastic drinks bottle over the fence and it lands on the front garden’s grass.

The little girl shouts ‘sl*g’ a number of times more and drags out the word as she points.

The person holding the camera heads back inside before the girl climbs on the gate

One of the children asks if the people filming are going to call the police as the video comes to an end

The camera shows the gate is locked (left) before the person filming walks towards the house. Pictured right the little girl points inside the garden and to where she can ‘get in’ 

She then shouts ‘This is the f****** worst garden I’ve ever seen’ before climbing up on the gate and standing on it.

A little boy asks ‘are you calling the police’ before the young girl shouts for the last time, again threatening to get into the house. 

The shocking footage was shared on social media last weekend. The post read: ‘Our family has been abused by kids many times, incidents ongoing. Police can’t do anything as they are just small kids.’ 

West Yorkshire Police have been contacted for comment. 

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