10 Best and Useful Software Development Tools in 2021

Software development has become all the rage in the last few decades. With its help, technology has reached heights that one could only dream of 50 years ago. Everywhere in the world, there is some software under development for some purpose or the other. The common theme is that there is software development.

The whole process has gotten much easier and less time-consuming with the help of what are known as software development tools. What are these tools? They are essentially programs that can be used to debug, maintain, create or support other software and applications. Software development tools can either be paid or free, but quite obviously, the paid ones are more feature-packed.

There are a number of different roles these tools play, Here’s a list of the top 10 best software development tools in today’s market. Read fully and enjoy!


This software development tool ranks so high on our list because it is one of the most important ones out there. It is a coaching platform for developers that aims to increase productivity and the quality of code. This tool does so by providing immensely accurate insights and feedback by modelling defective developer patterns. This tool has been tested over six hundred million lines of code and across over four thousand developers.


This software development tool called FogBugz will add efficiency and simplicity to the process of development. FogBugz does just about everything such as bug and issue tracking, time tracking, email support and task management. Over two hundred and twenty-six thousand developers all over the world use FogBugz to customise their own workflows.


As can be inferred from the name, this development tool is a service that will provide users with fast and high-quality reviews of their code. CodeReview makes use of expert insights and intelligent automation to do so. Neutral and experienced third parties conduct these reviews.


This is one of the best development tools out there! It is a dockerized, cloud-based development environment that is meant for developers who do not have a lot of time on their hands. Developers can get DevSpaces up and running in mere minutes.


As the name suggests, CodeFix is meant to fix your code and rid it of any issues. It is essentially a code cleanup service that developers can call on whenever they need to do so. The issues in the code are identified and high-quality fixes are delivered.

Engine Yard

This software development tool is a NoOps, data-driven, Paas solution that can effectively manage and deploy applications on AWS. It contains more than 10 years of full-stack Ruby on Rails, along with 98% customer satisfaction and a 99.9% uptime guarantee. It runs as many as 12,000 apps.


This platform is without doubt one of the most popular software development tools in the market. It is a web-based software development tool that is hosts a Git repository. In simple words, this serves as space where users can find codes written by fellow developers. It’s a Google Drive for codes if you will. Users can upload their projects onto the website and choose to share them with others. GitHub is a pretty big community and serves as a great resource for developers around the world.


Buddy is a software development tool that employs delivery pipelines to build, deploy and test software. These pipelines from Buddy are extremely user-friendly and can be arranged in whatever manner the user desires thanks to the unique action system. Configured in just 15 minutes, Buddy runs builds in isolated containers and works with a substantial number of languages, task managers and frameworks.


If there is a list of software development tools, it simply cannot be complete without the mention of Atom. It is fully free, which makes it one of the rarest development tools out there. The config files need not be modified, but the tool can still be customised according to the user’s needs. Works with all major OS.


This is one of the most responsive frameworks for software development out there. Bootstrap works extremely well with HTML, JS and CSS. There are numerous in-builds that are included, which makes the developers job a whole lot easier. The unique customization options benefit just about everyone.

And there it is! The list of the best software development tools out there. Hope you found the one that is the perfect match!