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10 Best Gifts for a Baby Boy

A new baby is an exciting and challenging venture. No matter if the parents are new to parenthood or seasoned with one or more other children, there will be items that the new baby needs that parents won’t have.

Though adults may not realize differences right away, scientists have determined there really are distinguishing characteristics between baby boys and girls, even in the early months of life. Boys tend to move around more than girls, and boys are more cognizant of spatial differences, prefer wheeled toys, and exert more physical aggression (like slapping instead of simply touching toys).

From sleeping gear to strollers, here’s our list of

10 Best Gifts for a Baby Boy

  1. A durable (and perhaps lifelong) cot.

A baby must sleep, so a sturdy cot is a must. Cots Australia range in style and price from basic to elaborate works of art. An all-around great pick is the economical Lulu Cot made of sustainable timber and a single-hand drop side for back-saving access to your little guy. It can also convert to a three-sided toddler bed, so it’ll remain useful long after the baby has arrived and the little man finds his feet.

  1. A Mobile: Something to stare at.

Cot in place, little tyke needs something to watch to lull him to sleep and entertain him when he wakes. Mobiles provide this solution. This cute Amani Bebe Under Construction mobile will spur his natural inclination toward wheeled objects and is cute for mom to look at, too.

  1. A Snuggle Buddy.

Aside from providing entertainment, babies need something soft to snuggle when mama can’t cuddle. Consider this tiny koala. This small plush offers a variety of textures and contrasts to fulfill your baby boy’s sensory needs and, at a mere 6″ in height, it’s small enough for a babe to manipulate, carry, and hold as he so chooses.

  1. Sturdy Booties.

A little boy may be tough, but he still needs to keep those toes warm. Sturdy lambswool booties with velcro straps to keep them on and in place, help maintain parents’ sanity and ensure babe’s feet are cozy. This bonnet and bootie set to offer a teeny bit of a tough, boyish edge.

  1. A hand and footprint frame kit

One thing’s for sure: Babies grow fast! And many boys will soon enough outgrow mama. Capture their sweetest, smallest size with an at-home hand and footprint kit. The clay is actually a molding plastic, so messes are minimal to none when pressing the baby’s hand and foot to create this heartwarming and lifelong keepsake.

  1. Blankets, blankets, blankets!

Too many blankets? Never! Blankets can serve many purposes and a thicker quilted blanket also serves as a touch more cot padding when used as a decorative underpad. Our favorite is the Playgro Pirates Quilted Throw, which features a mix of neutral and primary color blocks inset with fun designs to inspire little men to great adventures.

  1. Activity Toy

Keep the baby entertained with a colorful toy with parts that spin, rattle, and roll! This Creative Bead Frame Center will inspire all of little man’s adventurous senses and is mobile enough to take with you anywhere you go.

  1. A solid place to land (or nap).

Parents have things to do and access to the main cot isn’t always possible. For 20 years, this Australian-designed Breathe Eze Cozy Crib has been a safe, comfortable, ultra-portable solution for laying or napping babies.

  1. A Standing Tub.

Parents: Save your backs! Bathing in a typical tub can be hard on parents’ bodies. Give mom and dad a hand with this award-winning Ergo Grouper Bath & Stand, which offers a safe, elevated space to bathe even the dirtiest little men.

  1. A Place of Comfort

A feeding chair will be a place of comfort for babies even into the toddler years. Baby boys tend to be fussier than girls in the early years, so get a glider that is both durable and provides lots of lumbar support, as this Manhattan Feeding Glider Chair & Ottoman Set.

This list of premium gifts for a baby boy is sure to satisfy everyone’s needs.


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