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10 Best Tips for Collision Repair Following An Accident

No matter how careful, you just cannot avoid accidents. However, there are some pick seasons wherein accidents often occur. These are usually the holiday and rainy seasons wherein the roads become slippery.

With this, you can be prepared beforehand and know what you must do. Here are some tips that you can apply for collision repair

#1 Do Not Panic

It is a very critical factor that everybody always tends to forget. Being calm in an accident or any incident is a must. If one is not in the state of his or her mind, then, the more likelihood of not making the correct decision. Things will be worse if you will just panic. That is why you must remain calm and think of what would be the next step.

#2 Contact Your Local Emergency Number

It is crucial not to handle an accident just by yourself. To do that, you need to contact your local emergency hotline to get some help. Sometimes, there are instances when the one who caused the accident doesn’t want to have some police involved. If that is the case, do not quickly agree with what they say. They might tend to lure you. You might end up not having your vehicle damages settled.

#3 Get Some Help from the Police

Police officers are trained in situations like an accident or any incidents that need to be settled. They can guide you on what you will have to do next. When you are talking to a police officer, you must be polite and calm. Sometimes, after an accident, you are very fired up. If you let yourself be swallowed by your emotions, things might get worse. Let the officers evaluate the situation. They will surely help you in resolving the case.

#4 Share Necessary Contacts and Insurance Information (if you have any)

It is a must to obtain the contact details of all people who are involved with the incident. All of you must be in touch with each other so that you will have an update on the steps that you should do next. With this, you will know what kind of insurance is necessary.

#5 Avoid Pointing Out Blame

Keep in mind that putting blames on others will not do any good. Do not say unnecessary things against the person or the people who are involved with the incident. In the first place, no one likes what has happened. You don’t need to have further discussions with the other party. Let the officers perform an evaluation and assessment of the incident. Have your insurance company contact the person who needs to be contacted for the settlement of the incident.

#6 Take Pictures for Legal Purposes

Taking pictures will help you when you will be filing for an insurance claim and collision repair. Take good images as possible and try to take them from as many angles as possible. It might serve as proof and for legal purposes as well.

#7 File a Claim to your Insurance Company

Get in touch with your insurance company immediately after the accident. Usually, insurance companies would want a claim that has been filed within 24 hrs. The insurance company will still determine who’s insured is at fault. The insurance company whose insured is at fault will be the one who will pay for the repairs. If you file a claim, your insurance company will be pursuing an accident claim against the other party involved in the incident. They will be asking for a reimbursement of the cost to repair your damaged vehicle. It is only possible if the other party involved is at fault.

#8 Secure Written Repair Estimates

You must have written documents. It will serve as proof of the repairs that have been done. If repairs are completed from several repair shops, these must all be documented. It will serve as a reference from the shops that you have been to. You will be able to compare the list of damages and as well the cost of the repair that has been done. You can look for quality and affordable repair shops like Flagstaff Auto Repair.

#9 Be the One to Choose Your Repair Shop

Sometimes, your insurance company would want to force you to go to a specific repair shop. However, you have the right to choose and decide on your repair shop of choice. Sometimes, they would recommend repair shops that are too expensive or too cheap that the quality of services is not that good. Flagstaff Auto Repair can be one of those that can give you services that are within your standards.

Make sure to go to a reliable auto repair. There might be some repair shops that might be claiming they are offering quality services. You must check or at least review that they are doing quality works. There are also repair shops that would even install fake parts. If you ever happen to experience this kind of scenario, you can immediately report it. Your vehicle is supposed to be repaired and be turned back to its condition before the accident happened. You can check out Flagstaff Auto Repair for certified quality service.

#10 Ask for Notification Regarding the Damages

Sometimes, when the repairs are complete, you will be surprised by the cost that it reached. You must always ask for notifications if ever they discovered damages that you are even unaware of. It is a must to contact the insurance company immediately for the additional repairs to be done. It is necessary so that you will be aware of how much it will cost for the repair.

Takeaway Thought

A simple step that everybody tends to forget is to stay focused on what is happening. Get educated so you will know what you should do in such incidents. There may be instances wherein people would grab a chance of deceiving you. They might think that you don’t even understand a thing. That is why you must at least be prepared for whatever might happen.

No individual ever wants to be in a collision. While the scare of injuries or even death is there, you must always try to gain control of the situation and be aware of your surroundings. Only trust reliable sources and providers to assist you.