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10 Jackpot Winners who nearly Bankrupted Online Casinos

Imagine investing 25 cents and earning 115 million ten seconds later. It sounds unbelievable, right? The following gamblers only needed to bet cents or a few dollars in online slot games to win millions of dollars. Some have incredible stories of how they won, and we’ve shared them below.

  1. $8.63M Hall of Gods Winner

A Norwegian gambler had his life changed forever in 2017 after winning $8.63 million from the Hall of Gods slot game. Like many players, the then 47-year-old was playing the game to win a few more dollars than he wagered.

But the game he was playing also had an active progressive jackpot. That’s not the most intriguing part, though. The jackpot is contested by everyone who plays the game regardless of which online casino they pick. That means for the Norwegian to have hit the pot, he had to defeat thousands or tens of thousands of players.

  1. $8.73M Anonymous Winner

Before the Norwegian won $8.63 million, another player had hit the pot on Halls of Gods in 2015 and won an ever bigger amount. While playing at the Betsson online casino, a man won $8.73 million and chose to remain anonymous.

It’s easy to understand his reason for not announcing to the world about his win. Winning such a colossal amount of money would obviously attract the attention of fake friends and family members.

  1. $8.83M Swedish Winner

A Swedish banker’s life was changed entirely in 2012 when she won an amount of money she’d never dreamed of winning. While playing on Unibet Casino, the young woman formed the winning bet of an $8.63M jackpot game.

Her reaction to the win was obviously marvelous. And while it was a remarkable win, it was also significant in that she was the first female online casino millionaire. With her win, the Swede also became the fifth person to ever win over $1 million from an online gambling site.

  1. $8.82M iPad Winner

In 2016, a woman playing $1 bets on her iPad got the surprise of her life after hitting an $8.82 million jackpot. No one had ever won over a million dollars playing on a mobile device before her. Yet, she chose not to accept the glory that would have come with publicizing the win.

Instead, she chose to celebrate her win privately. Of course, you can always celebrate differently, but that’s you take the chance of playing. You could play your first slot game free by claiming casino no deposit bonus codes. If you love the experience, you could then top up your account to play some more.

#6: $9.92M won by another Mobile Player

It didn’t take long before someone broke the 2016 iPad jackpot win. In 2017, an Android smartphone user played the Mega Moolah slot machine and won $9.92M, slightly over a million dollars more than the iPad player.

Like the 2016 winner, the Mega Moolah winner also chose to remain anonymous but not before he revealed he had wagered $7.2 in the winning spin. Considering you could wager 25 cents and still hit the pot, the android player was staking high to maximize whatever he won. Luckily, he won so much that he probably will never gamble again.

  1. $9.57M won by another Swede

In 2015, a Swedish man named Alex visited an online casino hoping to do what his compatriot had done three years prior: hit the jackpot. Lucky for him, his bet on a Mega Fortune Game won him the maximum amount available, a life changing $9.57M win.

So excited to hide his feeling, Alex told news reporters his first plan for the money was to clear his mortgage. He would then purchase a new car before living a simple life. Coincidentally, those were the same things Alex’s compatriot and 2012 winner planned to do. It looks like Alex truly got inspired by the banker.

  1. $13.47M won by an insomniac

What do you when you lose sleep at night? For one Norwegian man, sleepless nights always meant trying his luck on slot games. But one special night in 2011 turned out to be different from all the others.

After wagering less than a dollar midnight, he won a staggering $13.47 million. It was a win worthy of a Guinness World Book of Records. And although the record would soon be broken, the man won enough man to sustain his family’s life comfortably for many years.

  1. $17.2M British Vet winner

After returning from war, a British vet named Jon Heywood was tasked with finding money to treat his bedridden father. He didn’t have a well-paying job, so he frequently gambled hoping to supplement his income. But unbeknown to him, 2015 would be the year his life would change forever.

After wagering 25 cents on Betway casino, Alex won $17.2 million. Not only was it an impressive win for the vet but it was also enough money to seek quality treatment for his father. Microgaming, which made the game in which Alex won, also used the opportunity to announce they had paid out over $5 billion to players.

  1. $19.85M Record Winner

In 2013, a casino player won so much money that his reaction to the win was to laugh and cry at the same time. Winning €17,861,800 from a 25-cent bet was the last thing he expected. Yet, after a few spins on Mega Fortune game; that was what happened. Obviously, the win was also a Guinness World Record and it remained intact until last year.

#1: $21M New Record Winner

After five years, the world’s biggest online casino win was broken in September last year. What’s more, an android Mega Moolah player broke the record with a bet worth 75 cents. He also didn’t win after hours of trying. It took him fewer than 50 spins to hit the pot, and he may never have to do it again.

To Conclude

They say when it rains it falls. For the players outlined above, not only did they win playing slot machines but they also life changing sums of money. Some of them may never have to work again. And if they do, they’ll always cherish the day they won a casino jackpot.