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10 Reasons to Choose German Shepherd as Your Family Dog - The #1 Luxury Dating Site

All of us have our favorite dog breeds, but we bet, no one can resist German Shepherd. They are very smart dogs; they always feel the change in the mood of their owners and find an approach in various situations. Interestingly, German Shepherd is ready to protect its home and owner until the end. At the same time, it will calmly allow a child to explore one’s mouth or pull its ears.

With proper training, German Shepherd will bring you slippers when you are too lazy to go after them or find lost keys. If you want to be aware of everything your dog does without you, you may take a closer look at the best dog cameras 2020 to find the proper one. Remember that German Shepherd will give you exactly as much time and effort you dedicated to your pet. Let’s consider why German Shepherds are perfect family dogs.

Intelligence and Allegiance

German Shepherds are represented in the police, customs, the Ministry of Emergency Situations, the army, and other dangerous structures more often than other dog breeds. This breed is easily trained, obedient, and incredibly intelligent.

If you purchase a working breed dog, be prepared that it will need more physical activity and training than the typical home breed. German Shepherds adore the movement, and they like spending time with their owners.

German Shepherd is devoted to the owner, loves them very much, and is always ready to guard them. With proper education, these dogs are non-conflict. They know how to live in a pack, can live together in the same kennel and not fight once in a lifetime. They don’t have a desire to harm, for example, a small rodent – rather, it will be just interested in an unfamiliar animal. German Shepherds may live well with a cat and perceive it as a best friend – but don’t be surprised if it is constantly licked.

Physical and Mental Health

German Shepherds have excellent health; they are energetic, always cheerful, and have a long life expectancy. They are also balanced dogs, with a stable psyche, which is essential when keeping it as a family dog, especially in families with children. Also, German Shepherd will protect his family and owner from robbers.

If the owner of the German Shepherd provides his dog with proper care, healthy food, he can be sure that his pet will not experience serious health problems.


Like any large dog, German Shepherd requires a lot of time and attention. Due to the specifics of the breed, they require constant proper physical activity. It’s not a dog you can just shut down in a kennel and forget to walk with. Before you buy a dog like this, you have to be ready to give it time, walk on sand, gravel, and river. After all, German Shepherds like to swim very much and love long walks. Everyone knows that physical activity and outdoor walks have not hurt anyone yet.

German Shepherds adore children in case correct socialization, discipline, and education, in general, are provided. The main thing is that all the foundations of the correct attitude of German Shepherd to children have to be imposed at an early age, while it is still a puppy. But children should also know how to treat a dog properly – they can’t play with it and harass a German Shepherd while it is eating, resting or sleeping.

Lifestyle and Adaptation

German Shepherds are excellent companion dogs. They are patient and friendly to their family members. Yes, German Shepherd may not be happy with strangers, but the people it knows will be treated well.

German Shepherd can quickly adapt to the rhythm of your life. These dogs can live in both an apartment and a private house. Leaving the dog alone after a pleasant morning walk, you can be sure that back in the evening, you won’t find your suit devoured on the dog’s bed.

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