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10 tips for a worry-free move (well almost)

For a successful move, everything is a matter of organization and common sense. Moving can quickly become a nightmare. However, there are steps you can take to make your life easier. It’s all about the efficient organization for serenity on D-Day.

Obtain boxes in advance. Packing is the big word when it comes to moving. Supermarkets and liquor stores regularly throw away their excess boxes. Ask them to put some aside ahead of time, and you might win the box lottery – as boxes are expensive.

Avoid busy periods. May to September is the busiest moving season across the country, and moving companies know it well – their prices are 30 – 40% more expensive during this period.

So, if you can, choose a more “off-season” period you can save a lot with a professional mover. In addition, the prices are also higher on weekends. The ideal would therefore be to move during the week, even if it means taking 2 or 3 days off.

Come to think of it, forget the movers. You may not like the idea of a “self-move”; however, it will allow you to move at your leisure whether on weekends or peak moving periods.

Take that crazy quote from the movers that continue to make you cringe, rent a cheap moving truck, and put the rest in your back pocket. And don’t forget to call in a few favours and hit up your besties for a helping hand.

Get organized. Filling your boxes can quickly become an obstacle course. What to put in what and where? We suggest you prepare your boxes upstream and arrange them by categories to have less difficulty when unpacking them, and above all to avoid breaking glasses. Buy a thick black Sharpie and lots of packing tape!

Working as an assembly line. The old ways sometimes work the best. Being able to take turns with your friends allows you to move forward more quickly. Making chains limits the risk of fatigue. Taking breaks and preserving your joints are also very important.

Storage. In the past couple of decades, more and more people have found that renting self storage units during the moving process makes life way easier and less stressful.

A cheap and cheery storage unit will allow you to move items you may not need at your new home right away into storage so the moving day isn’t a complete disaster. You can access these items at your leisure after the move is over

Take advantage of a truck rental. It would obviously be cheaper to hire a friend or relative who owns a truck than to rent one. Collaborative platforms offer alternatives.

If you do choose to rent, however, check the one-way ticket to save both time, gas and money. It is, therefore, necessary to plan the rental, preferably 1 month in advance, and make the most of the vehicle to go to Ikea or any other stores you will be visiting provision your new home

Clear the air. A move is also the perfect opportunity to purge a lot of unneeded belongings and clear the way to your new home. Many charitable outfits will even come to your home for free and collect your donated belongings. You can also resell your prizes of the past on classified sites like Kijiji or a good old fashion garage sale.

The paperwork puzzle. Check with the previous occupants of your new home to read the different meters and contact any utility providers to let them know that you are taking over the space. Sometimes you can transfer the utility and it may be cheaper than reopening a file.