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Living room, as the name suggests, is a place where all family members spend most of the time. Even more than their bedrooms. Because first it is mostly located in the centre of the house or if not then also connected to most of the place. Also, dining rooms are attached to it that adds an extra life in the room. Eating and talking are the main activities that one can associate with the life of the living room.

Therefore, there is nothing like spending time in a comfortable living room. No other can beat the comfort and fun this room gives. This is the reason that it should be decorated and managed gorgeously. The most common and important item in the living room is the sofa. As you spend most of the time in the living on sofas, so it is always better to have high quality, trendy sofas in the living room which not only last longer but also give an elegant look to your living room. Take these tips and decorate your living room in the most stylish and modern way.


First, understand what modern art is and how it can be integrated into living room furnishing. Most people think that being modern and having to do modern furnishing means you have to buy everything that is the latest and in trends. They are under the impression that without buying the latest items, they cannot turn their living room into a modern up to date place. Well, this is a completely wrong idea to get started with.

But in fact, you can make your place look more trendy without following the latest trends and by incorporating the right colour theme, a combination of furniture, and decoration pieces that goes exactly with your theme. Because in modern trends, the most important one is to create a theme and follow the basic codes.


It should be a mix of different things, but not everything. While decorating living room people should be mindful f a fact there is no need to buy each other article that comes with a low price tag. Just like that, people should not place each other extra sofa and decoration piece in their lounges. Because this is not just right. While doing so, you are not just ruining the whole setting but making your expensive things looking odd and strange.

If you have painted the walls white and bought the sofa set that is monocoloured, then make sure to add some abstract multicoloured painting in the background. However, if you decide to go with subtle or nothing, then it will simmer down the whole vibe of the room. On the other hand, adding too much bold and vibrant pieces can turn out to be a bit odd.


Try, try and try! Trying can make you able to create something new and beautiful. If you are thinking about renovating living room, then try utilising your innovative and weird ideas. Do not hesitate about anything. Because in the process, you can end up creating a place that will mirror your personality and make you and your family most comfortable using it. Make a fun combination, be it pop culture-inspired colours or metallic albums on the wall, you can place anything you want unless they are not complementing each other.


Creating a good colour contrast is essential. Colours add life, and this is completely true, especially when it comes to the house decoration. If your sofa set is in black the make sure to have the walls in grey paint, and if the walls are red then the sofa sets should be in off white or white. If one-third of your room is in dark colours, then keep the remaining portion in light colours. This is the essential rule to follow.


If you are designing your room, then make sure you are setting it according to the window and door opening. Keep the sitting area nearer to the window to get enough light at the focal point of the room. It will help in making the room look wider and better. However, if your living room has no window then make sure to add enough lights at all the walls so it will give a balanced presentation of the room.


Filling all the corners and inch of the living room is not necessary. Make sure you are leaving a 2/3rd place of the living room empty. It will add an aesthetic meaning to the room setting and looks better in comparison to having all place cluttered with different kinds of things.


Comfort should be the first option. Especially when it comes to the setting of the living room. Because it is the place to get comfortable after all. Try to pick a theme that is easy to manage and look after. Buy sofa sets that have a soft and relaxing texture. Try to make more sitting place and fewer tables. Having a one coffee table at the centre would be more than enough.


Try to create a living place that gives a positive vibe and balanced look as a whole. Creating a balanced image means placing things at right angles, picking the right colour contrast, and choosing the right furniture. It will not only help in creating a more presentable place.


If the living room is very big and the ceiling is high, then you can go with the heavy luxurious victorian furniture. Whereas, if the room is not very big and has no windows and openings, then you should go with the flat sofa set with a light coloured theme.


Designing and creating a place from scratch is a good idea but make sure to get some inspiration beforehand. There are several living room ideas present online and one can easily take some ideas. However, one cannot buy all the things that are present in a picture but what one must do is take an idea and try to recreate the theme by choosing three to five ideas into account.

If you are decorating your living room, then make sure to keep these things in mind. In this way, you will be able to decorate the place that will look presentable and well decorated.


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