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10 ways to be more productive at work

We all come across a specific point during work, where we just can’t seem to throw in something as little as a thought. When such a time comes, we often tend to get frustrated, anxious, angry, or worst case scenario – upset. This might be related to lack of sleep where your pillow might not be right or your adjustable bed frame was not. Well… Adjusted enough or unhealthy diet or maybe emotional conundrums.

When this “block” occurs, it is only natural for one to feel less productive when compared to how they usually are. But, here’s what you may want to know in case you feel extremely low about not being as productive.

Studies conducted, have come up with facts that suggest than in a work time of 8 hours, an average employee can only be “termed” as productive for a good time of 2 hours and 53 minutes. So don’t worry, you are not alone! Lots of employees go through the same dilemma more often than never, which is why you can voluntarily increase your productivity.

Here are 10 simple ways to become more productive at work:

  1. List, Prioritize and Delegate

As simple as it sounds, it is also equally easy to put it in your plan of action. List down what you need to do for the day. While you do so, it is also important to understand that listing down doesn’t mean that you need to bombard yourself with too many tasks at one go.

Listing down what you need to do gives you the upper hand of planning your day ahead and also enables you to get to the next step in a more quicker and efficient manner. With prioritizing put into action, you will be able to understand which of your tasks has more of a higher value in terms of accomplishing it. Prioritizing can also help you identify what is more urgent when compared to your other tasks. As you prioritize on the go, delegate your tasks within yourself through the time you allot for each task on your list.

  1. Schedule your time

With time being your greatest assets, you can choose how you manage it. When you seem overwhelmed with the work that you do, it is inevitable that you may feel that you don’t have enough time. Timetables, schedules, and deadlines may get ahead of you, but it isn’t impossible.

Scheduling your time simply means that you allow a period of time, be it 10 minutes of your day to 2 hours, to get your work done efficiently, with effective results as well. Try to not focus on one task throughout your day, but allot a genuine amount of time so that your tasks progress making it easier for you to meet your deadlines.

While we are talking about timings, it is important to incorporate sleep time in your routine to help you stay fresh and alert for the next day. Use a sleep calculator to understand your sleep pattern and tweak your schedule accordingly. Also, a organic latex mattress can may a great difference in your sleep routine.

  1. Don’t break your back, take a break instead

As the title suggests, working long hours can often take a toll on your physical health. Try not to do that as you work your deadlines off. Cool off, take a break – be it a nap (doesn’t matter if you have a hybrid mattress) or simply de-stressing yourself out by coloring or drawing! Whatever you choose to do as a part of your break time, do it. Don’t hesitate, because the more you reward yourself with a break, the more productive you’ll be.

  1. Multi-tasking? Stop it right now!

One of the greatest things about working is the fact that you can multitask. Boy, do we all wish that were true. Multi-tasking often leads to you delivering results in a haphazard manner. This means, that you miss out on things such as details, or important facts and the like. It questions your work’s credibility, especially when you know that you haven’t really been able to deliver your 100 percent.

If you’re someone who tends to multi-task, don’t do it. Don’t check your personal e-mails when you’re supposed to be calling a client or attending a meeting. Do it at your spare time. And do it one at a time – you’ll know how much of a difference it really makes as you put it into practice.

  1. Productivity lies in the mind of the employee

A person’s productivity may revolve around many factors. But, when it comes to low productivity, you need to understand that it mainly lies inside your head. The word ‘can’ is often replaced with ‘can’t’. And that in itself is one of the greatest problems that lead to low productivity. You need to realize the only thing that stops you from getting to your goals, is simply you.

  1. Exercise at your workplace

This doesn’t mean that you get your sweats on and hit your workplace like it’s your local gym. Rather, take a walk around your office, go up and down the stairs, or simply walk around your building locality. You could also go ahead and bring in a stress ball or simply exercise your mental strength by solving a Rubik’s cube or a good game of Sudoku! Exercise, in whatever form it may be, strengthens your core in such a way that it will result in boosted productivity.

  1. Eat. EAT.

Healthy food often tends to keep you more intact with what you need to do throughout the day hence making you more productive, as well. Having said that, it is also necessary that you understand that you eat the right amount and not push your way into stress-eating.

That is another level that you may not want to put yourself in. Stress-eating doesn’t really help, rather it could create room for more anxiety, thereby affecting physical health and eventually leading to low productivity, as well.

  1. Meditate – without Yoga Mats!

Meditating calms you and helps you be a more productive version of yourself. Meditation is not synonymous to complex yoga poses, but to a still state of mind where you are peaceful. It could be listening to music to just simply reading a novel. As long as you’re at peace from within, you’ll understand its importance in increasing your productivity.

  1. Spend some time with yourself

As simple as it sounds, it does go a long way. Spending time with yourself enhances productivity in such a way that you tend to become more aware as to what you need to do and where you need to get. Spending time with yourself is more necessary than another task. It gives you more space to think freely and it creates lots of room for creativity, as well.

  1. Explore your surroundings

Step out once in a while, and give yourself the time and the opportunity to explore what’s around you.  Go out to a nearby food joint and try something new or simply take a walk around the block. Exploring your surroundings enhances productivity magnanimously.

Try these tips out for yourself and see how well it stimulates your productivity! You’d be surprised to see things fall into place in due time and truly optimize your time as well as hard-work.

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