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10 Ways to Get Affordable Health Insurance in Switzerland

The top healthcare system in the world belongs to Switzerland, and it offers the entire gamut of health services to the residents of the country. The health insurance system here runs on two types of insurance, basic and supplementary. Basic insurance is obligatory for every individual, children and old alike.

This means that whether you are a permanent or a temporary resident of Switzerland, you are bound to take out basic insurance to avail yourself of even the minutest healthcare facilities. Contrarily, supplementary insurance is add-on insurance, and it is not binding by law to take out one.

Supplementary insurance entitles you to advanced medical facilities, such as a doctor of your choice, ward of choice, and subsidies on several services like visual aids and travel and protective vaccinations.

Tip 1: Should I Take Out Supplementary Insurance from My Basic Insurance Provider?

There is no compulsion to have the same insurance provider for your supplementary insurance. You can undoubtedly split these two insurances. Yes, it may involve more work for you to maintain two insurance accounts, but you must not overlook the other providers’ advantages in terms of discounts and better features in the plans.

Tip 2: Go for Higher Deductible to Reduce Premium Recurring Cost

A deductible is like a down payment you make when you purchase a car. The higher the down payment, the lower is your monthly installment. The analogy extends to deductible, which if you increase from the lowest of CHF 300, you significantly reduce the premium amount. Here is an important tip: Select a higher deductible if you do not require doctor consultation often.

Tip 3: Insure as a Family

The way you make your day-to-day living affordable, as you save by purchasing bigger packs of cheese or chocolates, you can save when choosing insurance for the family members as a group.

If you have recently become a parent, do not let go of the discount the insurance provider will offer you on the premium of basic health insurance for your child. Do ask for family insurance plans to make your insurance affordable and earn redeemable loyalty points.

Tip 4: Keep Calendar Dates in Mind to Keep Premium in Check

Mark these two calendar dates to keep your health insurance affordable: The end of September every year is when your health insurance provider will communicate the premium on your insurance to you. Compare it with that offered by other insurers.

If you find a better deal, this is the time in the year to switch. If you plan to switch, make sure you have communicated termination of your health insurance to the insurer by November 30. It is equally essential for you to register with the new insurer latest by December 31.

Tip 5: Insure Yourself Early in Life

Cash in on your youth and take out your supplementary insurance as early in your life, when you are years before age-related ailments catch you or when you tend to get caught by lifestyle diseases. Take this as an opportunity to save on premiums.

Tip 6: Choose Your Medical Need Before Taking Out Insurance

There are three different categories for you to choose from: Telmed, Health Maintenance Organization (HMO), and Standard. Telmed entitles you to have teleconsultation with medics but allows no physical exams. Understandably, Telmed health insurance plans are the most affordable.

The HMO model provides free consultation in person from medics from the Health Maintenance Organization. The Standard model has the highest premium and offers the most benefits, like the doctor and hospital of your choice.

Tip 7: Do Not Include Accident Cover

You can safely remove up to 7% from the premium by excluding accident cover. The reason is simple: If you have employment for a minimum of eight hours a week, you get insured against occupational and non-occupational accidents by your employer. Therefore, study the health insurance plan carefully as every feature has a cost and affects affordability.

Tip 8: Draw Canton Benefits

In Switzerland, the insurance health cost varies in cantons. Because of different regulations and laws, different cantons permit deduction in the premium for children, adults, and old. Nearly 20% to 30% of residents of the country benefit from these on their health insurance. So, do not miss out on exploring the health insurance laws of your canton.

Tip 9: Pay in Advance to Reduce Health Insurance Cost

Almost all insurers provide significant discounts if you pay all the amount in advance or semiannually. This is an excellent method to increase the affordability of your insurance plan.

Tip 10: Compare! Compare! Compare!

Health insurance comparison in Switzerland is convenient. With so many health insurance players in the market, residents have the luxury of choice. Before you approach the insurers, make a valid assessment of your medical needs, whether you want to go in for family insurance, which canton benefits you are entitled to, etc. Compare the plans thoroughly at the start itself and make a wise decision, a decision you can afford to sustain.