10 ways to slay your wedding photos

A wedding is an important event in the history of every couple in love, so it is so important to capture all its highlights. To make these memories pleasant, it is necessary to be serious about choosing a wedding photography company.

However, it is worth knowing the list of reasons why wedding photos can be far from perfect.

This information will help to save nerves and ensure beautiful pictures!

Your photographer is not right for you

How can you relax if the photographer annoys you? It is unrealistic to take good pictures in such an atmosphere. It would be a big mistake to don’t talk to the applicant at least over the phone.

Ideally, you should have a personal meeting. During it, you can get acquainted and discuss the details of the wedding schedule.

Don’t want to receive horrible wedding photos? Then choose a contractor based on more than just their portfolio. That’s what’s important in this process.

You forgot to make the references

How can you expect the photographer to guess what you want and get the shots you want?

Selecting references and discussing the overall style of the photos can help to prevent disappointment and make the contractor’s job much easier. It is possible to read more about this in the blog of Vanilla Brides.

The photographer saw the location on the wedding day

Are you upset that a photo doesn’t show a beautiful fountain and that you forgot to take a picture near a gorgeous building?

This could have been prevented! The experts at Vanilla Brides strongly recommend having a preliminary meeting with the photographer at the location.

You decided to save money on your makeup

Are you looking for something cheap and preferably faster? You will have horrible wedding photography with such an approach in choosing the makeup artist. Only a specialist can guarantee you:

  • smooth skin tone;
  • expressive eyes;
  • seductive lips.

Find the best makeup artist, because the photographer won’t draw anything on your wedding photos.

You are too focused on the photoshoot

Tenseness, thinking about poses, and focusing on the process rather than the partner and the event are the best way to ruin your wedding photos. Creating a beautiful shot is the photographer’s job. Just relax, trust, and have fun.

Problems with the organization

Didn’t you have time to take pictures with the relatives or did some of the guests miss the general shoot? You’ll definitely think a bad wedding photographer ruined everything, but it’s really a lapse in the organization.

That’s why it’s important to think through your timings, relax and leave everything to the professionals.

Paparazzi Guests

Are hundreds of shots are ruined because of someone’s hand, a badly triggered phone flash, or incomprehensible movements near the photographer? If your guests are too obtrusive, you can’t avoid it.

Ask the host to tactfully inform you about the possibility to get a professional photo at a certain moment of the party and do not interfere with the contractors while they do their job properly.

The decor is too obtrusive

If you see this important event as an opportunity to fulfill all your fantasies in one photo area, then it will bring wedding photo mistakes. You will definitely not like the gaudy, overloaded pictures, but it is impossible to avoid this because all the decor is already paid for.

Consult with your stylists, review a few decorator candidates, and do everything with moderation.

Fixation on control

If you try to control everything around you, you will risk getting ugly wedding photos. This is very real because the mood can be then too serious, as in the facial expressions in all the photos. To avoid this, delegate everything to professionals and relax.

Remember: a wedding is a celebration, and the main aspect is to get as much pleasure as possible out of it.

Continuous photo marathon

By continuously taking pictures, you run the risk of getting less quality and good photos than you expect. The contractor needs to take a breath, breaks for lunch, and different adjustments to the cameras.

Better yet, ask the organizers to think of a few moments for photos: just the two of you, with guests, with relatives. And then just relax and live out your emotions. An experienced photographer is sure to catch them.