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11 Most Popular Necklaces and Chains (A Simple Guide)

There are several things you need to consider before purchasing a necklace. An essential aspect to contemplate is the necklace chain type, as there are a plethora of options to choose from. Also, not all the designs will complement well with your overall look. This guide strives to provide you with distinctive styles of chains, the strongest necklaces, and what they are made of. To identify and recognize the most popular necklaces and chains, you can visit

The most common necklace chain styles include the Figaro, Mariner, and Cuban. But, there are some you need to know about to appreciate the intricacy and brilliance of necklace jewellery fully. And, below are some of them;

Cuban Link Chain

The Cuban link is the hottest and high in-demand chain style today. It showcases an interlocking pattern that is efficient in ensuring the overall durability of the entire piece. Cuban link chains bulge a thicker appeal and a more nifty appearance.

Figaro Chain

This chain jazzes up an exclusive and eye-catching design. Its attractive pattern is made up of 2 – 3 sets of round links interlocked with an oval link. Both genders can wear them. But, men are known to be the predominant users of the Figaro chain.

Snake Chain

The Snake chain comprises links that are tightly interconnected to each other. Each link is firmly fastened to the other in a slightly diagonal direction to produce a spiral projection. The overall appearance of the Snake chain resembles that of a snake, hence the name.

Mariner Chain

In terms of pattern and shape of the links, the Mariner chain is closely related to the Cuban link chain style. The shape of the links of this chain resembles that of a ship’s anchor, making it unique. The Mariner chain comes in two variations: the flat link and rounded edge design.

Box Chain

In comparison to other styles and designs of chains, the Box chain composes interconnected square links. This chain is thick and heavy as compared to the majority of chain styles.

Diamond-Cut Chain

The Diamond cut chain is not a jewellery piece adorned or ornamented by a diamond pendant. This chain type is expensive-looking since it bulges a shiny glare because of its sharply cut edges.

Byzantine Chain

Among the types of chains, the Byzantine chain boasts of an intricate design. Its links coalesce with each other at a rather convoluted pattern. Its texture is comparable to that of the Rope chain. This chain is very flexible and can drape perfectly around the neck because of the intermingling links.

Herringbone Chain

The Herringbone chain does not sit well with pendants of any design, shape, and style. It is best worn as it is. This is because it comprises entangled thick flat links that are marginally bent in the middle to bring out the herringbone appearance. This chain type is among the most fragile ones.

Belcher Chain

The Belcher chain can be created in different sizes and alloys. It is made of extensive D-shaped links.

Rope Chain

The link patterns of the Rope chain look like that of a rope. It is prevalent in the Hip hop community as it is a classic and common chain type.

Wheat Chain

 Unlike the other chain types, the Wheat chain is composed of four strands of dishevelled tear-shaped links. It is viewed as the most durable chain style despite the measure of its breadth and length. However, they lack flexibility.

In conclusion, various factors ought to be put into consideration before buying a chain or a necklace. There are different types and designs of chains to choose from when you visit a gold chains store. Luckily, the above are some of the most popular chains and necklaces that you can buy.