12 Tips On How To Land Your Dream Job

Your dream job does exist in real scenarios. All you need to land your dream job is cracking the code with these tips.

Do you wish you were working on something completely different from what you are doing today? Or do you feel that you do not have the right education or background for the job you really dream of?

Here’s some good news: anyone can land their dream job.

It does not happen by itself, but following the career experts’ recipe is the chance to succeed. To help you in this regard, here we have listed 12 tips that make you land your dream job. Keep reading!

1. Know who you are and what you want

What energizes you? And of what exactly not? What are your talents and pitfalls? To find your dream job, you must first know yourself well. Write down the answers to these questions for yourself. Talking to friends and family members can also help: how do they see you? What kind of job suits you? And what type of organization do you belong to? Once you know what you want, you can start looking for a job more specifically. And an additional advantage is that in a possible job interview, you can confidently answer why you are the right candidate for the job.

2. Set your goals

Once you know who you are and what you want, set goals to reach your dream job. Once defined, analyze them carefully. Your goals must be very clear and precise. After analysis, focus your mind and all your energy on a specific objective, so you will be more productive, and the opportunities to achieve it will grow.

3. Find the person who does what you want to do …

… Or live the life you dream of.

I am convinced that each of us has those authorities whose activities we truly admire. Of course, this is not about fairy-tale characters or movie stars. If you haven’t found “your hero” yet, be sure to do so after reading this article. Once you catch up with him, ask him the questions and get details of how did he make his path to the destination he is at. If you can not connect with him in person, study about his life and achievements. If you learn this lesson well, you will probably see that your character’s secret lies not in magic. People who have achieved something in life have learned the basics first. The basics of life and bringing things to an end. Although, of course, depending on the type of activity, you will discover their path and selects the professional way that can lead you to your dream job.

4. Create an action plan

This is very important. Creating an action plan helps you detail the path you need to take to land your dream job. While making the plan, consider the points you learned from your role model and list down the steps that are required. For instance, you may need to enhance your skills, so add your training into the plan. On the other hand, if you need to get in touch with industry leaders to get your dream job, write down the way to approach them, etc. Whatever you need, just wite it down with the possible solutions to accomplish what is required.

5. Be eligible

As said earlier, make yourself qualified for the job you dream of. If you notice that you lack knowledge in a certain area or wish to work in a completely different field than before, do not be held back. Rather, go to a course or training! You can see it as an investment in yourself. You gain new knowledge and inspiration, and this gives your career a boost. Attending training and courses also shows you future employers that you are working on your personal development.

6. Optimize your LinkedIn

LinkedIn is still the most important online business network. The number of users increased in 2019, and daily use is also increasing. So don’t underestimate the importance of a well-filled profile! Take a critical look at your profile and make sure it presents the best version of you. That means a representative photo, a concrete headline, a catchy summary of who you are, and what you can do and preferably a few recommendations. Of course, include all relevant work experience, training, employers, courses, and volunteering on your profile.

7. Look critically at your other social media accounts

Googling for a future employee: many employers do it. So check your social media accounts with a critical eye. In any case, it is wise to shield your accounts from people with whom you are not connected. But if you do have your profiles on public, please check if there are any incorrect photos or other material with which you prefer not to profile yourself.

8. Use your network

Former colleagues, friends, neighbors, clubmates: everyone has a network. And it could just be that there is someone who has a good business tip or connection for you. So, spread the word and let everyone know what you are looking for. The more eyes you look around, the more likely you are to find your dream job.

9. Apply for vacancies you deem fit

Apply for all the vacancies that belong to your dream job. In addition to increasing your chances of interviewing, your continued contact with vacancies and opportunities helps you to stay informed and in tune with the movements of the labor market. Return to the sites where you registered your resume and apply for jobs compatible with your profile, knowledge, and skills.

10. Prepare for interviews

Don’t appear for the interview without preparation. Prepare well and study the company before the interview. With this, see the content you have produced for the resume. The content will help in answering questions about your achievements. Also, train yourself for tough questions like “what are your weaknesses?”, “Why did you leave your previous job?” or “Why do you believe you are the best candidate to work with us?”

11. Search for information and updates on your area

Read the latest books on your area, as well as magazines, periodicals, and articles on the Internet. Also, participate in discussion forums, lectures, and courses. All information about your area of ​​interest is valuable both for your own development and for the exchange of information that will take place during the development of your networking.

12. Don’t settle

If you get a job opportunity in your job search, one option is to accept it immediately. But if it does not meet your expectations, do not hesitate to keep looking. The mistake many make on a daily basis is settling for the first job they got and forgetting their real career goal.

Take advantage of your free time and keep looking for that job that will finally make you happy. As an extra tip, don’t quit a job without first having another insured.


It is not easy to get a dream job, but it is not impossible either. It is about finding and pursuing a goal. Break the paradigm and take advantage of all possible resources to achieve it. This guide only seeks to give you a much more optimistic horizon.

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