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15 Cartoonists that You Need to Follow on Instagram

Instagram has gathered such a huge number of active users that you can find some that are interested in a given niche. Because this social media platform focuses on sharing images, cartoonists have realized that it is the perfect place to share their work. At the moment, there are a lot of artists active on Instagram, sharing daily comic strips that can put a smile on your face.

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However, before you start promoting, you need to find inspiration. In this article, you are going to discover the best cartoonists on Instagram that will motivate you and bring a smile to your face.

#1 Catana Comics

Catana Comics is probably the most popular cartoonist on the platform with more than 3.1 million followers. The artist creates heart-warming and cute comic strips, where she depicts her everyday life with her fiancé. At the moment, the cartoonist has published three very successful comic books. Her Instagram account will definitely make you feel better, while you can also find some freebies, such as wallpapers for your mobile phone.

#2 Cyanide & Happiness Official

Another very popular and interesting cartoonist on Instagram is Cyanide & Happiness. The comic strips that you will find here are all quirk and a little dark. These comic strips are known for their distinctive simple style and dark humor. If this is what interests you, then you can buy 1000 Instagram followers and reach its success.

#3 The Awkward Yeti

One more account with a huge following is The Awkward Yeti. This account has over 1.8 million followers, making it one of the most successful comics on the platform. The comic strips here are conversations between the heart and the brain and the result is relatable and very funny. Nick Seluk, the cartoonist, often share IGTV videos that can be your guide to creating your own account. If you go live, remember to buy Instagram live views to boost your video.

#4 Poorly Drawn Lines

The next Instagram account that you have to follow is Poorly Drawn Lines. This is a comic strip series created by Reza Farazmand, and it is known for its simple design and pastel colors. The humor is a bit sarcastic and dark, and for this, many users find the comics very relatable.

#5 Adam Ellis

One more creator that you can follow on this social media platform is Adam Ellis. The comics you will find on this account reflect the life and imagination of the creator, unlike any others on this list. The creations will draw your eyes with their distinctive design and bold colors. Adam Ellis has managed to gain 1.7 million followers.

#6 War and Peas

War and Peas is an Instagram account for the comic created by Elizabeth Pich and Jonathan Kunz. Their 860 thousand followers get daily comics that are hilarious and sarcastic. Moreover, the duo has published a comic book, which has also been translated into German. If you want to start gathering an audience like them, you have to buy 1000 Instagram followers to give you a little push in the beginning.

#7 Alex Norris

Alex Norris is well-known for his series of comics that end with the phrase “oh no”. In fact, he has published a collection of his comic strips in a book with the title “oh no”. The design is minimalist and colorful and the stories are everyday situations that end badly. The result is so amazing that the account has gathered more than 727 thousand followers.

#8 lunarbaboon

Lunarbaboon is one of the most popular comics on the platform with more than 653 thousand followers. This specific comic strip is a bit different from the rest on this list as it is a more mature one. It depicts the life and worries of a more mature man, and many of the comic strips are reflections on family and parenthood. Remember that it’s nice to find something that will make you stand out. Once you find it, buy Instagram live views to highlight as much as you can.

#9 Worry Lines

Worry Lines is a very interesting comics account on the platform that has gathered over 582 thousand followers. The comic strips are rather minimalistic and often black and white with a little splash of color. They often visualize well-known expressions we often use in our everyday lives, and the result is hilarious. As an artist, when you find your niche, you have to buy 1000 Instagram followers to start bringing your work to a wide audience.

#10 Liana Finck

The next cartoonist that you need to follow on Instagram is none other than Liana Finck. The artist creates minimal comics, using simple lines. All of her imagery is thought-provoking and visually interesting. Liana Finck allows all of her drawings to be tattooed for free since their design is ideal for tattoos. At the moment, her account has a little over 574 thousand followers.

#11 Chris Hallbeck Comics

The next cartoonist on this list that you need to follow is Chris Hallbeck. His design style is very minimalistic and he has put an interesting twist to the simple stick man. All of the comic strips are hilarious and they gather thousands of likes. The cartoonist also creates the comics Pebble and Wren, The Book of Biff, and Minimumble.

#12 Awards for Good Boys

If you are looking for a comic strip that calls out how men mistreat women, then Awards for Good Boys is the perfect account for you. The artist is creating awards for every man doing something hurtful. These comics are created in a very simple style as their main focus is social commentary.

If you are an aspiring cartoonist, these accounts will give you the motivation you need. Remember that you can always buy Instagram live views to boost your content and reach more users.