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2 Key Instagram Marketing Tips You Should Adopt To Boost Sales

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Instagram is probably one of the fastest growing social media networking platforms on the internet.Approximately 111 million people around the world have an active profile on this site.The vast majority of these individuals are youngsters within the age group of 24 years. This is a target audience which ambitious entrepreneurs can’t afford to ignore at any costs. They need to devise effective marketing strategies to sell their products to these potential buyers. Only then can they gain a competitive edge in the marketplace over their rivals.

What should entrepreneurs consider when developing Instagram marketing strategies?

Prominent industry experts say Instagram is one platform which entrepreneurs need to exploit. Having a viable business profile on this site is just the first step. These businessmen have got to come up with suitable content strategies. Such marketing schemes should highlight their brand products uniquely and appealingly. Only then can they expect the subscribers to this networking site to even consider buying them. The increase in bottom-line revenues indicates the measure of success they achieve on this endeavor. This is a fact which they can’t afford to ignore.

The professionals state the following 2 important tips entrepreneurs should consider when developing a suitable marketing strategy:

  1. Focus on coming up with appealing images of the products you are trying to sell

The images of the products you post on Instagram should appeal to your customers. Only then can you expect a significant number of ‘real Instagram likes’ from them. You can evenbuy such them from credible companies in the market like stormlikes.These specialists say you should consider the following 3 basic rules when carrying this task:

  • The images should be light and visible to your target audience. Darker photos are likely to fetch you 24% less ‘likes’ from these clients;
  • You should concentrate on improving the background space of your Instagram photos. While doing so, you should make proper use of the relevant editing tools on this site. Taking this step can make your image more appealing to your customers. You may notice a 29% increase in ‘likes’ from these individuals; and
  • Don’t forget the 20/80 rules which posting Instagram photos of your brand products. 80% of the images you upload on this site should aim at engaging your target audience. Only then can you expect 20% of these individuals to make actual purchases.
  1. Introduce interesting yet enjoyable contests for your target audience

Ardent followers of Instagram love to participate in an enjoyable contest. You shouldn’t expect the members of your target audience to be any different. You should take the necessary steps to hold similar events for your customers. You can encourage them to post interesting photos of the products they buy from your website. Moreover, you shouldn’t forget to give away prizes to the individuals whosesnapshots stand out. This can give a boost to their participation.

Instagram can work wonders for your business. However, this is only possible when you implement the right marketing strategies. Keeping in mind the above 2 important tips can help you in this endeavor. It can increase your bottom-line profits beyond your expectations. This is what you want.


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