2GB producer fined $283 for parking Mazda CX-3 in his own driveway in Sydney

Did this driver deserve to be fined? Aussie gets a $283 penalty for parking in his own driveway

  • Massive fine for parking in own driveway
  • Rear wheels partially obstructed pavement
  • Angus Kelleher plans to contest fine  

A furious motorist who copped a $283 fine for parking in his own driveway has divided the internet.

Sydney radio producer Angus Kelleher was shocked last week when he received a fine for his Mazda CX-3 parked in the driveway in front of his garage.

Photos show the vehicle’s rear wheels partially blocking the pavement.

Mr Kelleher told 2GB breakfast host colleague Ben Fordham he plans to contest the fine, claiming his car only blocks the pathway ‘ever so slightly’ and doesn’t obstruct the path of passers-by.

‘There is a swathe of pavement behind the pathway,’ Mr Kelleher explained on air.

Rangers fined the vehicle owner for partially obstructing the pavement outside his home

There is no obstruction, and to me, that’s the clear word here.’

Fordham asked his colleague why he didn’t park in his garage.

‘It’s a really old garage,’ Mr Kelleher replied.

‘It doesn’t always work. There are often problems with it.’

He insists cyclists and pedestrians would have no issue getting around the back of his car.

‘It’s very easy, there’s no grass, there’s no road, people can easily get around,’ Mr Kelleher said.

‘In fact I think a semi-trailer could get around.’

2GB radio producer Angus Kelleher (pictured) plans to contest the $283 fine

2GB radio producer Angus Kelleher (pictured) plans to contest the $283 fine

The photos of parked car sparked a divided response online.


Is the motorist in the wrong?

  • Yes, it obstructs the path 235 votes
  • No, he should fight the fine 85 votes

Many believed he deserved the fine as the car blocked the path for prams, wheelchairs and mobility scooters going past.

‘My wife uses a mobility scooter and has to go onto the road because of this kind of thing. Very dangerous. This law should be enforced more,’ one man posted.

A woman added: ‘The less agile would have trouble navigating around this.’

Others believed the parking fine was unfair.

‘There’s plenty of room behind the vehicle for people to pass, mobility scooters included, without going onto the road. A bit overzealous but not unexpected,’ one listener wrote.

Mr Kelleher insists there is plenty of pavement for passers-by to get around his car (pictured)

Mr Kelleher insists there is plenty of pavement for passers-by to get around his car (pictured)

Another added: ‘It’s his own driveway, and he’s left plenty of room for pedestrian traffic.’

Some blamed the design of the driveway.

‘That’s a ridiculously short drive into the garage,’ one commented.

Under NSW law, a driver is not permitted to stop on or across a driveway in the state unless the driver is dropping off or picking up passengers, doesn’t leave the vehicle and is gone within two minutes of stopping. 

The offence results in a $283 fine and demerit points.

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