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3 Amazing Benefits of Customized Skin Care Products

Customized skincare products are a buzzy property right now, and they’re likely to stay that way for a long time to come. That’s because the technology actually powering these companies is legitimately impressive.

When looking at the Skin Genome Project—which is used to power customized skincare company Proven and which was developed by Stanford scientists—the level of complexity and customization at work is astounding. These three benefits are just scratching the surface of the benefits you can find with customized skincare products.

Never Having to Compromise With Allergies

If you have an allergy to an ingredient that’s common, you understand the frustration of having to navigate a world of opportunities more limited than your peers. But you don’t have to settle with less than the best just because you’re allergic to an ingredient that appears in a skincare cream. Customized skincare brands like Proven pride themselves on offering an all-in-one solution and that means taking into account irritants and allergens that could sabotage an otherwise solid skincare formula.

Fundamentally, formulas are the beating heart of brands like Proven. The complicated algorithms that pick out the right formula for you aren’t dependent on anyone’s ingredient but rather on how all of those ingredients work in conjunction with one another. In that respect, it’s no different from a fragrant and savory meal.

But with dozens of ingredients to formula and an impressively massive database of reports, testimonials, and products to choose from, the algorithm powering Proven can take your allergies into consideration and come up with a solution that compensates for any weaknesses.

Ingredients Held to Higher Standards

Among the deluge of health and wellness products flooding the market, customized skincare products manage to stand apart. That means being held to higher levels of scrutiny.

When a brand’s promise is that it can create a product made for your unique DNA and the environment around you, people are going to look at the results closely. But these brands also have a good reputation for putting their money where their mouth is.

All organic products are common in customized skincare products, and there’s a tendency towards natural ingredients which have a long reputation as folk remedies but which also have a grounding in modern and scientific fact. By parsing all of this information through a complicated artificial intelligence, Proven manages to get to the heart of what ingredients work best together—and the conclusion that they’ve reached is heartening.

The best skincare products draw from notable health remedies like milk thistle and probiotics—and they’re absent harsh chemicals like sulfate and phthalates.

It Really is Made For You

It’s easy for a brand to present a few options and provide it as a limitless universe of potential, but that’s not the case with Proven. The science behind the company’s skincare quiz won the MIT Artificial Intelligence award in 2018, and it continues to grow more sophisticated as more information enters its database.

When you decide to start filling out a quiz, the results really are going to be unique to you. That’s not so surprising once you take into consideration the fact that they offer over 50 ingredients, each of which can be combined into any number of different combinations and ratios to suit the needs of a specific skin type.

The fact that they can produce and distribute those personalized skincare products to everyone regardless of their skin type, it’s hard not to be impressed by their customized skin care products.