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3 Best Editing Software for Beginners and Expert Podcasters

In the industry of podcasting, podcasters need an editing tool. At some point, talking about anything under the sun on your episode is not enough. You’ll need post-processing procedures to make a quality show. Background noises and varying volume levels are pretty distracting.

However, there are tons of editing software online. All of them are good, but not all are suitable for you. The majority of these programs suit well based on the user’s skill level. Also, you have to consider the purpose of creating a podcast.

In line with this, we figured out the best editing software for beginners and expert podcasters. Read along and see which one suits you.


GarageBand is a free podcast software for Mac. In addition, it is the best choice for music production. It allows podcasters to arrange and combine multiple audio files into a single episode.


  • Fast Add Track. Users can add tracks on their podcast on the go. With the use of your iPhone or iPad, you can do it hassle-free.
  • Smart Control. Real-time optimization is possible. Tweak your guest’s voices to record a more professional podcast episode.
  • Master Track. Take control of the overall EQ of the show. Adjusting the mix compression and getting average levels to a higher point is more manageable.


  • Real-time Management. GarageBand reduces your post-production work. It enables you to input effects in real-time.
  • Infinite Tracks. Aside from being an editing software, it allows you to add numerous tracks to your podcasts. In addition, changing the pitch and velocity is highly possible.
  • Easy Music Adjustments. Once you pick music, you can adjust the volume as desired. Also, you can either shorten or extend it to a musical loop as you like. Then, make necessary changes like tweaking or morphing sound. Furthermore, it has a MIDI sound tool. As a result, it creates excellent background music. Plus, it helps you finalize your podcast jingle, too.
  • User-friendly Interface. The workstation is an easy learning curve. Even though you’re a newbie, you can easily walk through the entire software. Plus, it offers pre-recorded loops and synths for you to utilize.
  • Free. The best part of all is that it fits right into your budget. As a Mac owner, you can record and edit on a shoestring budget while enjoying exceptional features.

GarageBand is indeed handy for Apple owners. It means if you have a Mac, you already have the editing software. It is the best editing software for beginners and expert podcasters with Apple products.


Audacity is the best editing software for beginners and expert podcasters. It is free, easy to use, and has an open-source fit for novices. Also, it offers a cross-platform audio editor and recording. Plus, it is compatible with various operating systems like Windows, macOS, Linux, etc.


  • Deep Analysis. Audacity has a spectrogram view mode. It aids in the visualization and selection of frequencies. Also, it supports the Vamp analysis plugin. That’s why podcasters can provide descriptive content of audio files.
  • Special Effects. Adding and reviewing effects in real-time is possible. These effects include LV2, VST, LADSPA, and Audio Unit effects.
  • Keyboard Hotkey. Manage your podcast with keyboard shortcuts. Fully play tracks and manipulate selections without using your mouse.


  • Open-source Platform. Many podcast beginners opt for it since it is entirely free. Thus, there are no hidden charges. Also, it is compatible with numerous operating systems.
  • Highly Accessible. All the functionalities in Audacity are easy to use. Before you know it, you get the hang of it already. An expensive digital audio workstation (DAW) is no longer a necessity.
  • Easy customization. Record your live audio with just a mic or mixer. Then, edit with easy-to-use functions like cut, copy, and paste. Import, export, and combine files even if you’re not a pro.
  • Convenient digitization. Convert all your recordings to any other media you want. Digitize even from tapes and records. Plus, it permits you to add music, intros, outros, ads, and sound effects.

Audacity is genuinely one of the best editing software for beginners and expert podcasters. The features are suitable for both. Moreover, it provides downloadable plugins for more effects.

Adobe Audition

Adobe Audition is the option for desktop users and professional podcasters. It is rich in audio recording tools and produces multiple audio tracks. In addition, it is part of Adobe Creative Cloud. So, you can record numerous episodes using different mics at a single time.


  • Spectral Analysis. Adobe Audition eliminates unnecessary surrounding sounds. Instead, it only records the podcaster’s voice.
  • Manageable Sound. The volume levels of music beds are controllable. As a result, the music fades in and out, and ducking under voice sounds better.
  • Uniform Loudness. The voice pitch in the entire podcast episode matched from the beginning till the end. Also, it matches the loudness with other speakers as well. That’s why everything sounds clear.


  • Numerous Audio Effects. Adobe Audition lets you add music and more than 50 sound effects. Also, it works well with Adobe Audio Essential Sound. So, you can attach SFX, dialogue, and Ambience voice.
  • Frequency Analysis. Be one of the expert podcasters as you shape the sounds of your show. Then, place it over your other tracks as well.
  • Utilize an Essential Sound Panel. Although sounds are essential in any podcast, there are vital ones that need emphasis. Adobe Audition has adaptive background noise reduction capability. It records only professional-quality podcasts.
  • Batch processing. It allows podcasters to apply sound effects to an audio file. Then, reapply it to others all at the same time. Thus, making you follow a particular format without starting from step one. Also, it restores audio without much fuss.

Adobe Audition is compatible with both Windows and Mac systems. It is indeed the best editing software for expert podcasters too. However, it only offers a 7-day free trial. Afterward, you have to choose between the annual plan ($20.99 per month) or the regular monthly plan ($31.49).

True enough, podcasting is easier if you have the top tools to use. The best editing software for beginners and expert podcasters lifts the heavy burden. It lessens the hassle on your end. At the same time, it aids in creating a quality sound show.

Moreover, you get more attention from the audience if you add transcription to it. Not only listeners can enjoy your hard work, but even those who are physically impaired.

Increase your target audience by utilizing Transcribe by Wreally. It converts all your audio files to text like audacity mp3 to text without breaching your privacy. Plus, it covers over 80 languages. Thus, expanding your followers.


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