3 Crucial Steps To Keep In Mind For Developing an Effective Video Marketing Strategy

  • Cisco says, by 2022, online videos will have occupied 82% of the overall consumer internet traffic.
  • Mobile video consumption increases by 100% every year.
  • Internet users watch over a billion hours of video content on YouTube every day.

Astonishing numbers, right? Well, that is the current state of video as a content format on the web. In fact, 6 out of 10 people prefer watching videos on the web rather than watching TV. This clearly indicates that video marketing is among the next big things that businesses should devote their marketing efforts to.

However, as it may be tricky to start, here are three steps that can guide you on your way to creating an effective video marketing strategy.

1. Always Prioritize SEO

Just like the blog posts and web pages on your website, videos also rank based on how you optimize them for the search engine.

A video marketing campaign that lacks an SEO strategy will never be able to make the most out of its potential. This is because SEO is a channel with hundreds of opportunities, and can not be neglected for video campaigns.

So, save yourself from making a mistake by overlooking SEO. Whether you plan to upload your videos to YouTube or embed them on your website, do it all with SEO in mind.

2. Make the Best Use Of Text in Titles and Descriptions

The title of your videos largely determines whether or not the people coming across your video are going to watch it. This is a reason why the titles of your videos need to be engaging and descriptive about its contents.

Apart from this, it’s also important to pay enough attention to what you include in the description. For example, if your video’s length is 5-10 minutes, the chances are that people will skim through it.

In fact, even if your video is 2 minutes long, some viewers may still prefer skimming through it. If you really want them to spend more time watching your video, it’d be best to mention the key benefits they will get from the video.

For this purpose, the description of your video is a perfect place. Always add a brief synopsis of your video, so people know what they might miss by skipping parts of the video.

3. Don’t Create Videos for the Sake of It: Have a Purpose

One of the biggest mistakes that you can be making with your video strategy is not having a video strategy.

In simpler terms, businesses often choose video marketing because it appears to be the next big thing. Indeed, video marketing is an excellent way to intrigue and engage prospects and customers, but not all videos achieve the desired results.

This mainly happens because these videos are made only for the sake of having a video.

“Oh! My competitors are using videos. I must use them too.”

Or maybe something else on these lines might have encouraged you to make a video. Even though the motivation isn’t wrong, it must lead you to make meaningful videos that add value to your viewers’ lives.

It’s 2020, and any viewer wouldn’t think twice before closing your video if it doesn’t seem useful. So, do have a purpose, meaning, and a message that you are conveying through your video.

If you are new to this and aren’t sure about how video marketing works, you may get in touch with a professional like Ryan Alford. He’s a marketing maverick with over 20 years of experience.

Wrapping Up

Having a practical and effective marketing strategy for a video marketing campaign is essential for its success. In this post, we shared three useful tips that can improve a video campaign’s results.

Hopefully, this was helpful.

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