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3 Forms of Sea Moss & How to Choose The Best One

Sea moss is a natural supplement that has been sweeping the wellness industry. This sea plant has the potential to support a number of functions in the body and boost general health. If you’re thinking about starting to take this supplement but don’t know where to start, we’ve got you covered.

First, let’s look at what sea moss actually is and how it can support your health.

What is Sea Moss?

Sea moss is actually a species of seaweed – red algae to be specific. It’s known as nature’s superfood and for good reason. The body relies on 102 different minerals and nutrients to function properly, and sea moss naturally contains 92 of them.

Amongst them are minerals like iodine, which can be difficult to find in your everyday diet!

Sea moss offers a range of different benefits, from supporting the immune system to regulating thyroid function and promoting bone health. Now we understand what this little sea plant can do, let’s look at how you can incorporate it into your life.

Sea Moss Capsules: Let’s go with the easiest form of sea moss first. You can take sea moss capsules daily, which contain enough of each mineral your body needs to function properly and healthily. All it takes is taking a small capsule just like you would any other vitamin or supplement.

Raw Sea Moss: You could eat raw sea moss as it comes, but this is by far the least popular way of doing so. Sea moss is most effective when ingested, so if you don’t like the texture and taste of seaweed, it’s unlikely you’ll want to choose this method. Plus, it can be difficult to add this acquired taste into your diet.

Sea Moss Gel: Last, we have sea moss gel. This is a popular form of sea moss because of how easy it can be to incorporate into your diet. It was historically used as a food thickening agent, so is great added to sauces, curries, or smoothies – especially if you don’t want to taste it.

Alternatively, it can be ingested by itself, if you can handle the taste! You can also make sea moss gel at home as long as you have the right ingredients and utensils.

How to Choose the Best Form of Sea Moss For You

It really comes down to personal preference when you’re choosing which form of sea moss to take. One isn’t better for your health than another. Let’s look at how your lifestyle choices might affect this choice.

  • For eco-conscious people… sea moss gel, which you can make yourself, might be best for you. That way you know it contains only what you choose to put in it.
  • For people with busy lives… sea moss capsules will suit your busy lifestyle and are super easy to take.
  • For vegans… either sea moss capsules or gel are suited to your diet and contain no animal products.
  • For those wanting a quick and easy solution… sea moss capsules are easy and quick to take. They eliminate the need to prepare or make sea moss gel.

Whatever form you choose, sea moss will change your life.