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3 Reasons to Visit Your Local Mazda Dealership

Maybe the winter roads aren’t always ideal for driving, but this is actually a great time of year to visit your local Mazda dealership and find a car you’ll love at a price you can’t resist. If you’re thinking about getting a new car this year or are even curious to take a test drive, come on down to your local Mazda dealership!

Here are three great reasons to stop by today:

Trade-Ins Made Easy

A great way to lower the costs of a new car is trading in your old one to the dealership. Mazda dealerships accept all cars, no matter what year or make, even if it’s not a Mazda! They have specialty software to ensure you get the best value possible for it, and the appraisal is free.

If you don’t need your current car after you buy a new one, trading it in is the best way to parlay it into savings. It’s also the surest way to get the maximum value. If you’re really keen, there’s even a Trade-In Appraisal form you can fill out now, so you can begin the process before you even get to the lot.

Deals to Be Had

Your local Mazda dealer offers low prices every day, but there are also a few paths you can take to buy a new car for even less. Checking out what the dealer has left in old stock from 2018 is one smart way to get a great price on what is still a brand new car.

Mazda also offers a few programs you may qualify for that can get you an ever better deal. There’s a “Graduate Program” for recent university or college graduates, a First-Time Owner program for people purchasing their first car, and also a Loyalty Program for repeat Mazda customers.

Mazda dealers are committed to combining all the current promotions across Mazda Canada along with dealer discounts, so you know that the price they offer is the best one available. The dealership staff are knowledgeable, and they will never pressure you into making a purchase.

Get Behind the Wheel

Nobody buys a car without first doing considerable research, but nothing replaces being behind the wheel! Mazda design follows the ancient Japanese principle Jinba Ittai, which means horse and rider as one. You can assess the facts and figures all day, or read about how SKYACTIV Technology creates a natural and intuitive relationship between the car and its driver — the test drive lets you experience how the car handles, and you just can’t buy a new car without feeling that. Mazdas truly need to be felt to be believed.

Life doesn’t stop in winter just because it’s cold outside and the roads aren’t always ideal for driving. If you’re considering buying a new car, check out your local Mazda dealership and take advantage of the ways they help you find a car at a ­­­price that works for you.

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