3 Residential Architecture Trends Shaping the Next 5 Years

Trends in the architectural world play an important world in design work. While your clients will want a design that’s unique, it’s no doubt that the frenzies influence them in their friend’s home or the designs they see in the magazines.

1900 years pyramids where the talk of the day while in the 1960’s it was all about natural material while in the 80’s it was all about synthetic material. When televisions where invented, living room designs changed to make the TV a focal point of the room other than a fireplace.

In the 21st century, modern lifestyle has impacted the designs of our home, and this has created some fascinating trends in both design and architecture.

1. Quiet Spaces

Our homes have become noisy just like the streets. Modern designs have to accommodate in their design the fact that people seek quiet time alone. So when building homes, architects have to consider quiet spaces they be a library with a book, a room for meditation/yoga because people are craving for quiet spaces in their home that’s isn’t filled with enormous clutter. To ensure that their customers are satisfied, architects take a further step to soundproof these quiet spaces.

2. Tricked-out sheds “man caves.”

Man caves are popular than ever before. Many people use these tricked out rooms to let loose their creativity because they are spaces only enjoyed by the family and close friends. Man caves often indulge some architectural challenges such as wide roofs pan or thick walls, ceiling; – man caves can also be used as a soundproofed music room. More info at andrewmat.com

3. Freestanding baths

Years ago, designing a beautiful bathroom was all about the choice of tile used. But trends have changed and as modern man choose the bath as the focal point of the bathroom space. People are designing their bathroom to be relaxing quiet space, a place they can take away the stress of their busy lives.