3 Sexiest See Through Lingerie Styles in 2019

See through–or sheer–lingerie is one of the hottest current trends on the lingerie market. By nature, see through lingerie is extremely sexy. It offers all of the benefits of lingerie by flattering and highlighting your figure’s best attributes, but it also takes the sexiness a step further by showing off a glance of your bare skin underneath–while still obscuring enough to leave a little something to the imagination.

Sheer lingerie styles add instant interest and sexy style to your lingerie collection, and wearing it in the bedroom is sure to make your partner’s jaw drop straight to the floor. If you want to get in on this season’s sheer lingerie trend but aren’t sure where to start, check out the following styles. These 3 styles are currently some of the sexiest, most on-trend see through lingerie styles on the women’s lingerie market.

  1. Sheer Robe Lingerie

Sheer robe lingerie combines two of the hottest current trends in lingerie into one ultra-sexy style. Robe lingerie isn’t one of the most common or classic women’s lingerie styles, but robe lingerie styles have quickly risen to the top of the trend charts over the past few seasons.

Robe lingerie is very versatile by nature. You can pair a sexy robe with a simple bra and panty set for a flirty and feminine finish, or you can make your lingerie look slightly more scandalous with nothing underneath. See through robe lingerie turns the trend factor of robe lingerie up a notch and put a more scandalous twist on it. Sheer robe lingerie is just as versatile, if not more so, than classic opaque robe lingerie. Slip on a sheer lingerie robe over a skin-tight teddy, a bra and panty set, or–if you’re feeling extra bold–show off your sexy figure in see through robe lingerie with nothing underneath it.

  1. Sheer Sexy Panties

Every woman should have at least a few pairs of sexy panties in her lingerie collection. Individual panties are very simple as far as lingerie styles go, but they are ultra-sexy and versatile. You can wear sexy panties on their own or pair them with other lingerie styles to create a complete lingerie look.

Sheer sexy panties show off a bit more bare skin to add a sexy, scandalous twist to classic panties. See through panties made from all-over patterned, semi-sheer stretch lace is ultra-sexy but still leaves a bit to the imagination.

  1. Sheer Babydoll Lingerie

Babydoll lingerie is a classic lingerie style that is known primarily for its modest, forgiving fit. It is a timeless style that has maintained its place as an integral part of the lingerie market for the past several decades, despite the appearance of many more modern styles over the years. Classic babydoll lingerie offers a modest alternative to bolder lingerie styles, so it’s perfect for women who prefer lingerie that offers a good amount of comfort and coverage.

Sheer material puts a slightly scandalous, modern twist on traditional babydoll lingerie. Because babydolls fit loosely around your figure and are not skin-tight, even see through babydolls offer comfortable coverage that is practical for women who prefer more modest lingerie styles. Sheer babydoll lingerie is more adventurous and scandalous than opaque babydoll lingerie. It shows off a sexy glance of bare skin, but it doesn’t leave you feeling completely exposed.

Any–or all–of the see through lingerie styles in this post are worth adding to your at-home lingerie collection. Explore these sheer lingerie styles and many more within online luxury lingerie retailer HauteFlair’s expansive collection of exclusively see through lingerie.