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3 Smart Google-Driven SEO Tips to Quickly Improve Performance in 2021

Every single year, the SEO experts try to find innovative ways to ensure that their product or website gets ranked the highest out of everyone. In the case of 2021, the competition gets even tougher.

This year, especially with the pandemic still there, SEO experts are creating numerous websites to create small business opportunities for themselves. However, the biggest thing that people must know is the methodologies these experts use to improve their SEO performances.

We will dive into some of those below:

Meta Description

It is all good having a great article based on your product or any situation. However, if there is one aspect that the SEO experts ignore, it is the meta descriptions.

Meta Descriptions are extremely important to ensure that you attract readers from all around the world to your website. They are mentioned below the meta title. They are brief in general but give a complete overview of what the reader is expected to go through in the article.

Don’t forget to include the focused keyphrase of your article into meta description. This will give a clearer idea to the readers.

You can set the tone of your article by having an effective meta description associated with it.

Increase Internal Linking

Representation of your article is also crucial to an improved performance in SEO. One of the key attributes alongside your article is the internal linking. You can allow your reader to connect with other articles of your website by having effective internal links within your article.

If you have written an article of 1000 words, you must make sure that you include at least eight internal links within your article. This will allow the readers to connect to other articles as well. However, you must not overuse those internal links. It will give an impression of you being desperate for traffic on your website.

Apart from the number of internal links, it is also important for you to put the internal links the right way. For example, if you put an internal link on a complete line, it will bring a bad impression from the reader. Therefore, you must be smart by putting the internal link in selective words.

Apart from that, you should always prioritize your landing page when it comes to internal linking. For example, if we look into the SEO London landing page of the internal link, it will allow the reader to go through other articles of the website as well. It won’t be because the articles are informative, but because it has an attractive and fast ecommerce landing page.


An effective SEO title is the bread and butter of how your article will be labelled by the readers worldwide. If your title is not effective, it is a possibility that the reader will ignore your article and look into other articles that have more catchy titles.

Imagine doing all the research and writing an informative article and being let down by the title. It will feel like the end of the world for you. The readers will always go to the titles that are more attractive regardless of that article being informative or not.

It is always good if your title is a question. The reason behind it is that it will enable the reader to create assumptions based on the title and what he can expect in the article. Therefore, the chances of that reader going through your article increases. Furthermore, the bounce rate of your article page decreases.

Do not use symbols like colons or semicolons that much. They are very much informal in this regard. Therefore, make sure that the title is catchy and makes the reader to brainstorm before reading the article. This will increase the number of viewers on your website article.


SEO is a necessity for every small business in the world right now. People always try to find extravagant ways to ensure that they keep their financial life stable and they feel that SEO enables them to hit another gear. Three of the reasons behind their success in SEO are mentioned above and all are crucial to improved performances.