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3 social media platforms you need to plunge on in 2019

Social media is the savior to people’s dwindling attention span. As of now, people are spending over 100 million hours on Facebook videos, and it doesn’t surprise me to say that over 80% of the internet traffic will come from videos this year. Having insane popularity of social media video content, brands are coming up with video first strategy. The question is, the market is already overflowing with loads of content. So how can you stand out?

One way to outshine your competitors is to try with new formats of social media. Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are constantly flooded with new video types that you can leverage to make enticing videos that sell crazily.

I’ve outlined X social media video formats that you must try this year.

  1. VR videos

VR videos also called 360° videos, is by far the most partaking social media video formats in the past few years. VR videos are customer centric and at the same time helps you elevate your marketing by ten folds.

It keeps the users in the middle and allows them to look at any corner of the frame using their phones or a VR headset. The feeling of being the center of attraction keeps its focus on the video and endows them within the video’s message.

If you would like immersive videos, you’ll shoot 360 live videos. Viewers watch videos as they might see everything happening around the camera and wanting to be there; there’s nothing more mesmerizing than live VR content.

If you would like to draw attention to a serious like a conference or product launch, you must use this format.

You can post 360 videos on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter—so any videos you create within the format is a part of a multi-faceted campaign.

  1. Animated Videos

Animated text videos, also known as animated visuals, are as mesmerizing as GoT to its fans. It makes the otherwise still image, quotes, stats, or different content you’ve written incredibly jazzy.

The charm of animated text videos lies in their short, attention-grabbing stints. Let me ask you: would you like to see a static text or a dynamic video that is outrightly playful?

Take animated text as an alternative to dull, regular image posts. It is possible to personalize the videos according to the audience you cater to convert better.

Video stories

Stories, which were first created by Snapchat but got their real recognition by Facebook and Instagram. Stories are a set of pictures and videos uploaded by users that usually disappear after twenty-four hours.

While some brands have doubted about the worth of making temporary content, most have vouched for the transient nature of Stories works for brands as it is enticing.

Other than their mobile-friendly layout and the 24-hour limit, Stories have loads of content to offer to brands. They’re comparatively new and popular amongst the younger generation; therefore they’re a decent match for brands that cater to a younger audience.

Brands are trying and testing new options that can be leveraged to interact with the target audience, appear a lot human and stand out from their competitors. As an example, take music stickers that allow you to add the most recent hits as background music to your Stories videos, creating them much fun and unforgettable. Another example is the query stickers that prompts you to ask questions more or less like the Rediff’s AMA.

Plus, stories on each social media platform are increasing brand’s advertising and eCommerce capabilities massively with options like shoppable tags on Instagram and CTA stickers on Facebook.

Incorporating Stories videos into your social media strategy for 2019 is an excellent bet if you wish to be on the same page with the youth, get a crazy ton of engagement, or expand your social eCommerce.

Wrapping Up

In the coming years, we foresee brands to leverage AR and VR video formats of serving content. It’s ambiguous to say which format will stay and which will be out of the market. However, one thing is sure; the one that remains consistent and delivers fresh content will only be able to gain a considerable leg up in this cut-throat competition.

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