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3 Things You Need to Know About Open Source Software Before Using it for Your Business

Thinking of using open source software in your business? If so, there’s a few factors you’ll want to consider before deciding whether or not it’s right for you.

Open source software can provide numerous benefits to a business. However, there’s also a few issues you’ll need to be aware of. Below, you’ll discover three things you need to know about open source software before using it for your business.

  1. Anybody can use it

A common misconception businesses have about open source software is that it has restrictions on who can use it. Given that it uses code, it’s easy to think it’s purely designed with programmers in mind. However, you really don’t have to be a programmer to use it. In fact, the majority of open source software users don’t know how to read or use a word of code.

The truth is, anybody can use open source software. So, don’t let your preconceived notions prevent you from adopting it. If you are concerned, you can always learn more about coding so you can get the most out of it. However, this isn’t necessarily required.

  1. You aren’t breaking any laws using it

After the farce that was SCO, a lot of business owners thought that adopting open source software would mean they were breaking the law. However, after the SCO case was thrown out, it ruled out the possibility the software was illegal to use.

You won’t be breaking any property rights by adopting open source software into your business. However, it’s never a bad move to consult a legal expert before using any type of software for your business. Lawyers such as Withers can help you with that.

  1. You need to check the terms of the license

Although adopting open source software into your business won’t mean you’re breaking any laws, you will need to follow the terms of the licence. Each open source software has its own license requirements. If you don’t follow these, you could in fact be breaking the law. So, before adopting any open source software, be sure to take the time to read through its terms and conditions.

There are a lot of misconceptions flying around regarding open source software. The above are just three of the things you need to know. There’s a lot of useful open source software which can do wonders for your business. Make sure you also take the time to ensure you’re choosing the best software to fit your requirements.

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