3 Tips to Clean Your Bedroom That Will Change Your Life

Why is sleep important? Sleep is health. While you’re out for the count, muscle repair, memory consolidation and hormones for growth and appetite release are all going on. If you sleep for 8 hours, you’re spending 1/3 of the day in your bedroom.

Doesn’t it then make sense for it to be one of the most sanitary and healthy places in your house?

Why do you put off cleaning your bedroom?

Well, what is it about bedrooms that means we’ll skip cleaning them?

Well, firstly, unless you spill your cup of tea over the bed, it takes a lot for it to actually look grubby, and be perceived as dirty. That doesn’t mean it isn’t! As much as 10% of the weight of the average pillowcase can be attributed to dead skin flakes, dust mites, and droppings.

Another reason cleaning the bedroom gets left off the list is that people often can tidy just when people pop by. As your private sanctum, your bedroom usually doesn’t rank highly on this list for the grand tour.

Step one: Make your bed

So, step one, make your bed. It may sound silly, but this simple act has time and time again been linked to greater productivity. It’s a keystone habit, an easy trick that makes a big visual difference and makes keeping control of your space feels more manageable.

According to the National Sleep Foundation, those who made their beds were 19% more likely to get a good night’s sleep, and a whopping 75% found that clean, fresh sheets meant an even better quality sleep.

Maybe there’s something in those fabric conditioner adverts after all.

Step 2: Flip your mattress

Number two. Now, relax, this isn’t something you have to do every day.

Turning your mattress over will help to distribute the wear and keep your back supported better. As well as flipping it upside down, you should also be changing the sides to get the most support and longest life out of it.

Another great one-off mattress tip? When you go on holiday, strip your mattress to let it air out.

Step 3: Declutter your bedside table

Last but not least, what is really essential to your bedroom? Why have you had those random pennies on the side table for two months?

Is that letter from the tax man really the best bedside reading? Be brutal, and take out anything that isn’t helpful to your aim of getting a peaceful night’s sleep or setting yourself upright the next morning.

How electronics disturb your sleep

A special mention here goes to electronics – laptops, television, even the digital alarm clocks with the particularly glaring neon faces. Artificial light and especially blue light at night inhibit the production of melatonin.

You need melatonin – it’s what you’re missing when you’re stuck with that jetlag feeling. The disruption of this hormone can be even more serious, with higher rates of breast and prostate cancer being linked to this sleep disruption.

So trade reading on the iPad for a book, and leave the laptop outside at night. It’s really the best choice.


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