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3 Top Destinations to Travel to In Your Luxury RV

Written by Bhagirat Kumbhakar

Luxury RVs are a fantastic way to travel. They are comfortable and allow you to bring the convenience of home with you without having to worry about always having to stop for a hotel room.

So, having bought or considered buying a high-end RV, what are the 3 top destinations to travel to? Read on to find out:

Top Luxury RV Travel Destination #1 Alaska through Canada

Alaska, while part of the United States, is 2,000 miles from Washington.

It’s accessible through Canada via road or ferry (which you can load your Luxury RV onto). If traveling by road, the Alaska-Canada Highway is the most direct route.

It takes you from the center or eastern part of the lower 48 and goes west before heading north to Anchorage.

Figure on the trip taking a minimum of four (4) days. The most remote and stunning vistas belong to the Stewart-Cassiar Highway. Starting at Yellowhead, BC, and ending on the Yukon border.

Some sites to see are:

Wrangell St. Elias National Park is the largest US national park, an excellent site with visitor centers and ranger stations. Still, it also allows for more remote activities such as hunting, fishing, mountain biking, and kayaking.

Anchorage is Alaska’s largest city and is only 30 minutes from the breathtaking wilderness areas.

Popular activities include bird watching and hiking. The city is also home to its history and art museum, Wildlife Conservation Center, and Alaska Native Heritage Center.

Glacier Bay National Park sits in Alaska’s “Panhandle.” It’s a fantastic location to view glaciers, do outdoor activities, and watch wildlife. Bring a kayak or rent one to get around faster.

Top Luxury RV Travel Destination #2 Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone is almost 3,500 square miles of wildness in Wyoming, Montana, and Idaho. It features striking canyons, white water rapids, verdant forests, bubbling hot springs, and geysers, the most famous of which is “Old Faithful,” all atop a supervolcano.

It’s also home to hundreds of animal types, including bears, wolves, bison, elk, and antelope. Some sites to see are:

The Upper Geyser Basin & Geyser Hill area has the most concentrated number of geysers in the world, containing 250+ in a 2-mile area. A wheelchair-accessible path goes ~1.5 miles to Morning Glory Pool, its most northerly feature.

To the east, shorter paths connect to individual geysers. Plan on spending at least 2 hours if you want to walk to the far end, but if you want to see the geysers erupt, you could be there all day.

The Grand Prismatic Spring is a >121’ deep (10+ stories) pool 185’ – 200’ radius, larger than a football field. Its vibrant orange, yellow, and green rings surround the center of the deep blue pool.

Heat-loving bacteria cause the different colors to live in the gradually colder spring water.

The Fairy Falls path is a popular vista with campers, hikers, and runners. It is roughly 5 miles out-and-back path rising 105 feet and has views of the Grand Prismatic Spring and a 220’ waterfall.

The Lower Falls is the most renowned waterfall. Most views of the Falls from the east and west sides of the Grand Canyon require a short walk or no hike. Don’t miss the breathtaking walk to the top of the Falls.

It’s a steep .75-mile roundtrip with several sharp turns. The canyon’s colors are caused by hot water on the volcanic rock.

Top Luxury RV Travel Destination #3 Grand Canyon

Arizona’s Grand Canyon National Park has stratified layers of red rock showing geological formation over millions of years. In 1979 it was declared UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is well known for its hiking trails, whitewater rafting, and donkey rides.

Some sites to see are:

The Geological Museum has the canyon’s best-represented vistas of its geology. It discusses the rock strata seen via the windows.

Huge graphics show how the canyon formed, from the uplift of rocks to the erosion of water deep below. From the windows, you can see the hiking routes below, including the way to Plateau Point, a Bright Angel Trail branch, and a Colorado River path.

Hermit Road is the park’s most popular trail – a 7-mile beautiful route with several overlooks.

Between December and February, you’re free to drive the trails; however, during any other time of the year, shuttle busses run every 10 – 15 minutes, stopping at nine (9) overlooks.

Bright Angel Hike is the canyon’s most popular trail, which is 19 miles roundtrip hike that starts at the Village. The trip takes two (2) days to complete.

The Indian Garden Campground is a nine (9) mile roundtrip hike and takes between six (6) and nine (9) hours.

This strenuous hike has a >3,000’ elevation change.


  • The Upper Tunnel is about a half a mile roundtrip and takes less than 30 minutes,
  • The lower tunnel is 1.7 miles, taking 1 – 2 hours. Sheer cliffs and dangerous drops surround it. It’s not for those who fear heights. Some trail sections may be snow or ice-covered, despite the fact that the top is warm and dry.