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3 Useful Germination Strategies for Outdoor Growers

Growing marijuana is a rewarding experience. From seed to harvest, watching the plants grow and mature is enjoyable. One of the most important steps in growing healthy marijuana plants is to germinate the seeds successfully. With this guide, growers will learn some helpful germination strategies for growing healthy marijuana plants outdoors.

It Is Time to Start Sprouting

When it comes to growing cannabis outside, growers should grow their plants during the warmest times of the year. For most people, this means summer. Looking at marijuana seeds, it is amazing to think about the potential for life inside. Each small seed has the potential to grow until a bountiful plant with many beautiful buds.

To get to the point of being able to harvest marijuana, a grower will first need to sprout their seeds. First, it is important a grower has healthy seeds with the best genes so the result is healthy marijuana plants. The following offers tips on choosing healthy seeds for germination.

  • The seed should be a healthy brown color. The color can range from dark to light. If the seeds take on a greenish color, they should not be planted.
  • Marijuana seeds should be shaped in a teardrop shape. If a grower discovers any seeds that are misshapen, they should avoid planting them.
  • Seeds should have a smooth shell and a waxy sheen. If they are dull or matte in color, they will likely not grow healthy marijuana plants.

How to Successfully Germinate Marijuana Seeds for the Outdoors

Sprouting marijuana seeds is not overly difficult and does not take long. If growers follow the steps below, they will find their seeds should all germinate fairly quickly and result in healthy plants as long as they are cared for properly.

  • Try to plant only feminized seeds so there are no males. Individuals should plant more than they intend to grow in case some of the seeds do not germinate.
  • Place the cannabis seeds on a moist paper towel. Fold the moist paper towel over the seeds so they are covered.
  • Make sure to keep the seeds warm at between 75 and 85 degrees. On top of a fridge and on a windowsill are great places for keeping the seeds warm.
  • It will take about two days for the taproot to spring from the seed. The seeds should be planted in soil at the first sign of the taproot.
  • Transfer the sprouted seeds to pots with moistened soil. Once the plants grow at least three to four inches in height, they can be transferred to the outdoor garden.

Grow Healthy Plants All Summer Long

Growing marijuana outdoors is one of the easiest methods, but growers must be careful to watch the weather and protect their plants or water them as necessary. Growing outdoors is a rewarding experience that allows growers to enjoy the growth cycles without a lot of stress of ensuring the conditions are perfect, as is necessary when growing indoors.

By using the sprouting methods above, germinating marijuana seeds is easy and only takes a couple of days. Of course, some growers plant seeds directly in their gardens. Both options can result in healthy marijuana plant growth. Many growers prefer sprouting their seeds first because the germination process takes much less time.

When spring rolls around, it is time to start the process of sprouting those seeds. Within a few weeks, they will be ready to be transplanted outdoors, just when summer temperatures begin to rise.