3 Ways to Better Support Someone Coping with a Chronic Illness

It isn’t rare that people with some type of chronic illness feel lonely and not understood. We hear about it and we think that we would be different and give the right kind of support, but many people are wrong thinking they are the best possible friend they can be when, in fact, they could do much better. Surely, there are support groups that consist of people that share the illness, but that isn’t enough. People need the help and support of their closest friends and family. Our best support group is our loved ones. This is why it’s important to keep trying to become better at being a supportive friend to someone with a chronic disease. That is where we come in with some advice on the subject.

Don’t be a smartass

When people complain or just tell you about their problems, you feel a natural urge to solve them in theory. This can be very annoying, especially when it comes to problems that cannot be solved. It isn’t the same as having your car broken down. Just take it to the mechanic and they’ll fix it. Unfortunately, chronic illness isn’t like that. It is a condition that never stops. It cannot be cured. It can even get worse in time. This is why it’s extremely important not to give advice to your suffering friend. Be there for them and listen to their story, but don’t try to fix them since it really is impossible. Don’t you think they would already help themselves if it was as easy as you feel? Once you understand that some conditions are harder to overcome than others, you’ll be on the right path to understanding your friend. That is exactly what they need – empathy and understanding.

Keep offering help

Despite the fact that you may have told your friend a million times that you’re there for them and they should contact you in their hour of need, they still may feel embarrassed when they want to call you up, especially if it’s often during one short period of time. Instead, do your part and keep being there for them in subtle ways. Ask them to the movies, drinks, walks or anything else when you see that they really need company and support. Also, encourage them to talk about their condition, but don’t force it. Try to make a window and then see if they want to talk or not. For instance, you can do it by mentioning new potential treatments that you might have read about or perhaps you found a great place to buy kratom wholesale that might help with upping their mood and relieving pain. Be there for them.

Support their choices

Living with a chronic illness can be terrifying. There will be good days, but there will also be days when you just want to give up. It’s important for you as a friend to know and understand that. Your diseased friend may act as if everything is fine, but you need to know that they are battling something most people don’t even need to think about. This is why you need to cut your friend some slack in certain situations. If they cancel plans because they’re not feeling well or they decide to skip some activities due to them being unsafe and potentially health-harming, let them be. Even if you feel that their arguments are silly and pointless, you still need to support them as you really don’t get a saying in it and your job is to give support. That choice was not easy to make for your friend, don’t make it even harder.

People battling chronic illnesses don’t have a normal life. They do everything most people do, but all with a certain dosage of anxiety and fear. They constantly try to create a balance between living a normal life and staying safe. It’s never easy which is why they need all the support they can get. You are here to give that support. You must never forget that. It doesn’t need to be direct and you don’t need to address it at all times, but be a true friend and be a real strong rock that gives the right kind of love and support and your friend will surely appreciate it.