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3D Lenticular Printing: Innovative Method

Lenticular Printing utilizes an innovative method of printing technology that interlaces two or more different types of images into a singular frame. The frame is then placed behind a specialized lenticular sheet of thermoplastic which further magnifies the image that is placed beneath it, creating an alternating illusion of change from one picture to another by observing it from different angles.

In 3D lenticular printing, however, instead of using different images, the same picture is divided into multiple layers and then interlaced into one, adding more depth and variation creating a three-dimensional effect that brings the photo to life.

You might have come across such examples through your local theaters where they use 3D Lenticular Printing for movie posters.

Why Lenticular Printing Is Beneficial For Your Business

If you are a business looking to break into the market, no matter what you do you need to strategize and stay ahead of the curve for that, you must bring something new to the table and that is exactly what Lenticular Printing has to offer.

Depth and Detail

Standard methods of printing can only get you so far but Lenticular

Printing allows you to create visually appealing images that change and morph as you move past them.

This creates an intoxicating feeling of wonder that instantly grabs someone’s attention long enough for them to take interest in your product and potentially turn them into brand-loyal customers.

Not That Expensive

Much like any other business, you will be extremely diligent when it comes to your company’s expenses. Fortunately for you, Lenticular Printing is relatively cheap compared to traditional methods of printing in bulk, not to mention it is far more efficient and faster as well.

Acrylic UV Printing

Acrylic UV Printing is a unique form of digital printing that utilizes ultraviolet light, fitted within the printer, to dry the specialized UV ink spread throughout the transparent thermoplastic surface or acrylic almost instantly.

Acrylic UV Printing is commonly used on standoff signs that you may have come across at your local offices. They are extremely eye-catching and affordable to make and allow you a wide variety of usages that traditional printing does not.

Vibrant and Alive

By using face-mount printing or direct printing, acrylic substrates produce jaw-dropping vibrant colors that seem to dance off the canvas.

The luminescent effect created by the transparency of the see-through surface further amplifies the colors, providing an enchanting gloss and high-quality durable prints. Not only can you use the process for your office premises but utilize it for decorative purposes by making your home come alive with color as well.

Highly Durable

The durability of acrylic printed images cannot be understated as they can survive being put in the toughest situations. They are highly water-resistant and long-lasting. They are easy to clean as well forgoing the need to use any expensive cleaners.

Applying a cloth, wet or dry, to the tainted surface gently is all it takes to make it look new again. This saves time and effort that can be utilized elsewhere for more productive means.

Go To Printing

With so many distinct methods of printing, it can be difficult to choose the right company for assistance.

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