4 Benefits of Using a Blister Pack

In terms of municipal solid waste in the US, it is thought that 82.2 million tons of packaging were created in 2018!

Aside from the environmental questions people might have about this, you could also ask how many businesses used the best packaging for their needs out of that colossal amount produced?

The blister pack is one form of packaging that every business should consider. The reason for this is that this type of packaging has various benefits for you and your customers.

In this quick guide, we’ll run through four clear benefits of switching to blister packs to package up your products. So without further ado, here are those benefits.

Keep Your Products Fresh

Using blister packaging is the perfect way to keep your items fresher for longer. A good example of this plastic packaging in use is blister packages for medication.

Also, food items that need to be sealed for freshness can benefit from being packaged in a blister pack. For instance, blister packs work very well to keep herbs and spices fresher for a very long time.

In general, any product or item that is sensitive to the open air can be sealed tightly in this form of plastic packaging.

Perfect For Serving and Dose Sizes

Another reason why medication blister packing works so well is that you can have it formed to fit an exact dosage amount. Furthermore, the same applies to food serving sizes.

Being able to put exact dosage amounts or serving sizes in a package is much appreciated by customers and is recommended by health professionals. This is especially true for medications where people don’t want to worry about taking too much or little of a particular medication.

See the Product Before Purchasing It

Many customers can be skeptical about the state of a product if it is concealed away in packaging that doesn’t allow them to see it. One clear benefit of blister packaging is that customers can see the product they are considering buying.

If you want to give your customers confidence and reassurance in the quality of your products, choose clear blister packs. You might be surprised how much sales could go up by just switching to a more suitable packaging choice like blister packs!

Security Concerns

Something else customers might be wary of is the thought that a product they are buying has been tampered with. Things like batteries and medications are some of the types of products that people might have these concerns with.

With blister packaging, customers will never need to have these concerns again with your products. Blister packs are tough and hard to get into and tamper with without it being blatantly obvious to a customer or a store clerk.

Blister Pack Your Products

When you blister pack your products, you gain a whole load of benefits for yourself and your customers. And we forgot to mention that blister packaging is very cost-effective too!